Gaijin Gunpla

When you look at the images of the MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) particularly of images of the back of the MS, if you are familiar with the red Sinanju, you’ll see similarities with that suit in the NT Stein’s backpack.

I was curious as to what was utilized from the Sinanju MG, what was kept from the original MG Stein Ver. Ka, and what, if anything was new.

Let’s find out together.

First step comes from the original, red, Sinanju – the fuel tanks.

After that we are building the backpack as it was on the Stein Ver. Ka.

While the order in which you assemble things is different from that of the Stein Ver. Ka, the parts are the same. If you’re interested in comparing check out that portion of my Stein Ver. Ka WIP.

Note that you are using the last of the Gray H runner parts here.

Culminating in the thrusters with the red inside.

Then you use more of those last Gray H runner parts for the wings found on both sides of the backpack.

Hey, check out that blue part.

It’s supposed to be brown. Have a sticker.

So Bandai will make us throw away most of an H runner because it’s Gray and then give us a brown sticker to make a non-brown part brown.

I definitely will talk more about this in the future.

One side.

Build the other side, complete with its own brown sticker and connect them to the center.

Add the tanks and you are good to go.

Last step is the weapons.

I wonder how many parts I won’t use when assembling those…

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