Gaijin Gunpla

Last WIP for the MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) so we are looking at the weapons.

The rifle starts as the standard Sinanju rifle but then takes a turn.

Once you get the main part of the rifle together you’re going to add the new Stein NT parts. First some of the armour-coloured parts, followed by some parts the same colour as the frame..

To finish you’ll add more of the armour parts.

It’s a formidable looking weapon. Also interesting, the fact that I didn’t use any of the parts from the previous Stein rifle. It looks like I may have the parts to build that as well.

Next is the Sinanju Bazooka which I am more than familiar with. Remember when the only way to get this was with a book that sold out almost immediately when it was released in 2009? That seems like some time ago.

Since then this bazooka has been released as part of the MG Sinanju OVA and MG Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka kits and now we have it one more time. I can’t complain really. It’s a really solid design which I loved back then and still can appreciate now.

Nothing has changed for the Stein NT’s build except for the handle.

Yes, that’s a new grip to work with the new ‘Emotion Manipulator’ hand. Interesting that they left it brown.

Hardly notice it.

Now for the shield and you’ve got a new one of those on the Q runner. Here it is on the left next to the old shield piece.

There is one new blue part, that on the right, to go with the old blue part (on the left).

That’s a great looking shield.

Add the parts for the back.

I’ve got two Beam Saber handles to assemble,and put in their hidden holder.

Here is the set.

Oh wait, there’s something else. The undermounted launcher.

And here is a new hand to hold these large weapons.

That looks like a strong grip.

And there it is, the last of the Sinanju Stein Narrative Ver build.

Now to play around with it and give it a review.

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