Gaijin Gunpla

Well look at that!

Spring brings us a welcome change in weather and also, usually, a new Real Grade kit.

I had been wondering why I hadn’t heard anything yet about this Spring 2019’s release but then, this evening, I was poking around on the internet as I do when I have extra free time and I went to Bandai’s site and saw that image.

The next Real Grade kit will be the Crossbone X1 and Bandai’s releasing it as part of the Gunpla Evolution Project. It’s the fifth released in that project, apparently, following on the heels of the HGUC Zeta Gundam – HG Accelerate Evolution which is still sitting in a box I shipped over from Japan. I’ll build it at some point. I recall they were calling the project Accelerated Evolution but then changed it to just Evolution Project. I think that’s the correct call. Other kits from that project are the RG Unicorn, PG Exia, and HGAC Leo. Now we’ve got a Crossbone X1 to add.

[Updated! RG Crossbone Gundam X1 is now up for preorder on I’ve got mine reserved.]

I’m excited for this kit, not only because it’s an RG, but also because I do like the Crossbone Gundam as an MS but never could appreciate the MG version of the kit. The MG Crossbone X1 kit seemed rather flimsy and didn’t strike a chord with me.

May isn’t too far off and more information and images are sure to come but for now I’ll just show you the image as they had it on Bandai’s site which shows some of the ‘Extreme Detail’ we can look forward to.

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  1. Frankon says:

    Incoming P-Bandai variants in 3..2..1…

    Ok joking aside. This will be a nice little baby. A friend noticed that it looks like the eyes wont be a sticker but a 2 pieces of plastic. Thats rather impressive if he is right considering the 1/144 scale and the size of late UC kits.

    It looks like ill be converting my MG X-1 to X-1 Kai since ill be definitely getting this one.

    • Ragnaroc715 says:

      You beat me to it! I fully expect we’re gonna see the X2, X3 and all the other Crossbone variants as P-Bandai full kits or add ons like with the damaged Sinanju head and rocket launchers.

  2. evora460 says:

    It’s gonna be interesting to see how Bandai manages to fit so much detail and parts separation into such a tiny kit. From the looks of it they are going to be using a minimal amount of RG frame if any at all.

  3. Sablenk87 says:

    Yeah, they really make full use of their molding technology lately, but not yet for this kit, i didn’t see Scissors Anchor skirt here. Also it better come with water-slide decal, otherwise it’ll impossible to stick that chest emblem flush with just ordinary stickers. Lets hope

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