Gaijin Gunpla

Upper body of the MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) is done with only the backpack to add, but before that we have the best part of any kit, the lower body.

The waist is what we know from the Sinanju Stein, just be sure you’re using the right parts.

The lower body of the NT Stein is pretty much the same as the regular version so I don’t need to show much.

But I will because the frame design on the MG Sinanju/Stein is one of the best out there.

Here’s the foot frame.


And here are the legs.

I love this frame.

Now for something only a little different.

Yup, the parts from the Gray H runner that we saved are used here.

That leaves only Gray thrusters for use in the backpack.

And be sure you use the correct side parts when putting this section of frame together.

Then add armour.

From there we differentiate the right leg from the left leg. You’ll need one of these for each one.

What’s this?


They are needed here.

You only wrap them around the top edges.

I guess this makes that part the same colour as the rest of the unit. You’ll complete that after…

…more stickers.

They are the red ones on the sticker sheet.

You’ll need two on each piece that makes up one side of the unit.

So Bandai will give us multiple runners in different colours which contain parts that are meant to not be used but will give us stickers in place of coloured parts…?

I’ve been thinking about this topic for some time and I will write about it but I’m trying to determine what is the best place for it. I don’t think a WIP is the place so either I’ll include my musings in the review for this kit or I’ll create a whole post dedicated to the topic.

Back to the Narrative Stein, once you have the red stickers in place you’ll have this.

There’s the complete Narrative Stein leg.

And there’s the Stein so far.

It’s good to see you again, MG Stein.

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  1. Eric says:

    Sorry, just wanna quickly point out, you’ve got the top part of the piston on the back of the leg upside down. I did the same thing, wondering how the boxart had better foot articulation pointing downwards than I could get, before I checked the manual again carefully.

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