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I haven’t been following the new Gundam series all that much but, truth be told, even when living in Japan I wasn’t always following them fully. Gundam Unicorn had my attention but some of the others *cough! Recongista, cough! not so much.

Speaking of the Unicorn, doesn’t this look like him?

It kind of does. But this is the HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs. I’m not sure the significance of this MS having only, so far, built the HGUC Sinanju Stein from Gundam NT but this guy has my interest.

Looking at the box art he seems like a very close cousin of the Unicorn. Could it be that this is another model where Bandai is reusing runners belonging to other kits to make something ‘new’?

This runner looks like something I’d find in the HG Unicorn kit.

Let’s check that label.

So they made a new runner just for this kit. Okay, cool.

I expect this runner to be new as well.


But this one.

This is just the psychoframe runner from the HG Unico…

Oh, all new!

These are new, too!

Could it be this kit that looks like older kits is made up of new parts?

Let me check that manual.

Here is the runner list.

I see some X’s here.

So not all parts will be used here. For example, these are not going to be included in the build.

More X’s here.

I find this quite interesting. I complained about the MG Sinanju Stein wasting too much plastic and attributed much of that to Bandai keeping costs down by reusing runner molds as opposed to making new ones. Now I’ve got a kit that looks like a kit I’ve seen before but it’s made up of new parts. My head hurts.

I’ll stop thinking about it and just enjoy what I’m seeing.

Included in this kit is a little Gundam NT Mechanical Report booklet.

So here’s the Narrative Gundam and the A Packs.

Then the B and C packs.

Then these guys.

Expect these models soon!

Now to get building.

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  1. Michael says:

    B-packs is gentei release as I guess you’ve already seen. Those unused parts on B and A runners are used for A-packs.

    Lore-wise this gundam is a prototype test-bed that was used during development of Nu Gundam and, looking at C-pack, seems it was still used later for UC project that resulted in Sinanju and Unicorns.

    • Potatetoe says:

      If episode one is any indicator, I believe the psychoframe components on the C packs are recycled from the disassembled unicorn and slapped on to form a rudimentary psychoframe in order to match the phenix

  2. Alberto from Italy says:

    I guess the runners with unused parts are the “standard” runners you’ll find also in the other Narrative Gundam HG kits. I think these runners contain all the pieces that are shared with the future A/B/D Gundam models, even if there might be a bit of leftovers here because of the psycoframe.

    Oh, I see there are two swords for this thing I guess unknown to most people… Slightly polemical and ironical: sorry for that, but those who have got the HGUG Unicorn Destroy Mode will understand why!

  3. Ferdinand Gunawan says:

    Syd, this is just my curiosity but I have two questions =
    1) Since I’ve Watched the Narrative Movie, is this kit include a core fighter like in the film?
    2) Can you plz make the review of HG Moon Gundam?

    Thx in advance! 😀

  4. Dan says:

    If you liked Unicorn you will like Narrative. It is a direct sequel to Unicorn.

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