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I remember the clamour of people wanting Master Grades from 00. We’ve had most the main suits, and their variations, but the others weren’t as forthcoming. Finally, out of nowhere, comes one of the most requested MS from that series, the MG Gundam Dynames.

This just arrived at my place so let’s take a look.

Definitely digging the box art. The sides of the box tell us more about what to expect from this MG kit.

Gotta love anything that comes with a sniper rifle.

Despite being a big-boxed MG the box isn’t full like others.

There’s some free space there.

Right away I see lots of markings.

As well as transparent green strips to be incorporated into the build.

Looking at the frame parts.

I see these.

These parts should look familiar. After all they are designated as

MG 1/100 GN Frame.

Here’s the sniper rifle.

And pilot figures.

This makes me feel good. After all the last MG I recently built, the Sinanju Stein Narrative Ver., didn’t come with any!

Shots of the manual.

And the runner list.

I do note some X’s in there.

But on the first page…

…I see this.

That LED design takes me back to the days of the GN-X.

Marking guide looks like it’s not too crazy but enough to keep me busy for a couple hours.

Speaking of a couple of hours, I now need to carve out some time to start building this dynamic (pun intended) kit.

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  1. Matt says:

    Presumably it doesn’t come with an LED?

    • Stephen says:

      …”see instructions for LED unit (green) (sold separately)


      Ok the last bit is a bit of snark to Bandai, but no, it doesn’t include any LED units.

    • Ferdinand says:

      From what I saw on some gunpla reviewers, this kit unfortunately didn’t come w/ it. Only the case

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