Gaijin Gunpla

At the end of my first WIP post of the HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs I noted that I may have used the wrong parts for the shoulder. I actually made that realization after I had completed not only the upper body but the lower body as well.

That means once I get the lower body assembled, which is what this WIP post is for, and attach it to the upper body you’ll notice those shoulders again. All in due time.

Let me distract you from that thought with the feet.

These also utilize a psychoframe piece (which I didn’t neglect).

The poly-cap for these feet is inserted into a frame part that goes on last.

With the feet finished you put together the knee frame.

You’re not building both legs at the same time here. Instead you’ll take only one of those knee frames, if you assembled both out of habit, and add these parts.

Plug the peg into the knee frame and then close it up with the another frame, and psychoframe, part.

You’ll then work on the lower leg.

Here you’ve got a ankle piece, with poly-cap, and an armour flap to install.

Add psychoframe parts to the front and two parts to the rear.

Then proceed to add armour.

Including the parts to make up the small armour around the ankle.

The kneecap is made up of three parts.

Ball joint of the hip.

And there’s a full leg.

Repeat for the left leg.

Notice the upper legs, like the upper arms, do not have white armour parts.

Now for the waist frame which sees you adding small poly-caps at the start which will eventually be used to secure the side skirts.

The rear of the skirt is all one big armour part into which you’ll attach two small psychoframe parts and their accompanying thrusters.

Those psychoframe parts actually slide in from the sides (if I’m recalling correctly).

Once in you’ll cover most of that part up.

There’s the rear and sides ready.

Add the part which has the leg pegs and another to secure that in there.

Then some small parts to make up the front center block.

Then finally you can prepare the front skirts.

Side skirts have their own, small, psychoframe part as well.

And there’s the lower body.

Now before I join top and bottom together I’m going to whip through the weapons portion of the build.



That was quick.

And here’s the MS.

I was powering through the build and it was at this point where I looked at the shoulders of this guy, looked at the images on the packaging, looked back at the kit and then back at the packaging and thought, ‘Hmmm’.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Iki says:

    Those legs look a lot like the nu / hi-nu ver.ka.
    The whole kit really fits in between the hi-nu and the unicorn.

  2. firebase says:

    Oh well, the shoulders are definitely placed wrong ^_^.

  3. damian says:

    I think you put the shoulders backward. The white protrusions and the slits on the grey part are meant to be the front, not at the back, to accommodate the psycho-frame part

  4. BNuts says:

    A lot of your pictures make the psycoframe parts look more orange than pink. Given how many Unicorn models we have, I wouldn’t be opposed to another different psycoframe colour.

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