Gaijin Gunpla

From the First Look post we’ve (I’ve) determined that the HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs is an all-new kit.

What that means in terms of builds is what we’re (I’m) going to find out. Let the build begin!

Right away this look different to what we are used to seeing from recent High Grade kits.

Poly-caps are involved but the parts around them are designed differently.

It looks like these white pieces, the shoulder joints, are designed to move in and out.

You secure these by attaching another armour part from underneath.

Then you’ll slide in two more armour parts that look like they make up the chest vents.

They slide on from the front.

Now for some non-RX-0 psychoframe.

These fit onto the armour for the side of the torso.

Then two more, but smaller.

Add the neck joint by inserting it up through the collar.

Interesting look so far.

Bottom of the torso is red.

With the added blue, and clear, pieces, that look like it’s meant to be a core fighter cockpit.

Add one large gray part to the bottom and then attach it up into the upper torso.

Now for the backpack. I’ll need to use one of these two backpack armour parts.

Clearly Bandai designed this series of models to share most of the same parts (Just like IBO!) so while they are paying for new molds here they intend on reusing them several times. Bandai’s MO.

Sandwich a psychoframe piece in there.

Then some smaller parts fit onto the top and sides.

Beam sabers for the backpack.

Are Beam Saber handles on backpack as recognizable as the V fin when it comes to Gundam MS?

Now for the head and that starts, like usual, with an eye sticker on a clear part.

Wait there are two eye stickers here.

Manual indicates to use #1, which is the green one. The sticker clearly is marked as the C Packs so green it is!

The head design isn’t such a departure from the basic design as the torso is.

Double V fin!

Which do Gunplars prefer, a standard V fin, or a double? Would make for an interesting poll.

Looks odd to see psychoframe on the outside.

Let’s get these arms built so we have a complete upper body.

Two sets of arm frame.

Then the lower arm.

They just plug in.

Add some psychoframe to the lower arm.

Then proceed to the armour for the lower arm.

Then… wait.. there are no armour parts for the upper arm.

Bandai throwing me a curveball.

I guess I’ll just move on to the shoulders then. Make the shoulder joint.

Place it inside the first shoulder armour parts.

Continue adding armour.

Then psychoframe.

You’re building the shoulders separately because they aren’t the same front and back.

Plug your arms into the shoulder joint.

No upper arm armour means a better bend.

And there we go.

Looking at this now, it looks like I may have put the wrong part onto the front of the shoulder. I went with a gray part from the C runner but the box looks like that part should be from the psychoframe E runner. I need to look into this.

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  1. Iki says:

    I prefer single, or even a horn like the unicorn.
    The hi-nu ver. Ka has a slight double one that looks quite nice.

  2. MashedPotato says:

    The red eye sticker is used to recreate the red berserker mode from the Gundam NT movie.

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