Gaijin Gunpla

The Waist Unit of the MG Gundam Dynames was more complex that I had anticipated (this is a good thing) and once I’d completed assembly I didn’t have the time to continue on to the legs. That came the next night.

The feet start out as three frame parts.

This ends up being the front half of the foot. You’ll then slide on the ankle peg before adding the frame and armour that make up the heel.

With them added you start to see how Dynames’ feet will bend.

And here are the frame and accompanying armour part which are the toes.

Those toes.

(If they’re not separate toes should I just refer to that part of the foot as ‘the toe‘?)

As you can see the feet are both built at the same time and the same is true for most of the leg assembly. For example, the hip sockets.

I’ll just comment here and say that so far I haven’t used a poly-cap of any kind. I like that.

Now for the leg and more specifically the knee joint.

These parts all come from the GN Frame runners so we are likely to see this again in the future.

Onto that knee you’ll be adding the frame parts for the upper leg and that needs one of the transparent strips.

That piece at the top is not a poly-cap and will be used to accept the hip socket.

The frame piece for the lower leg also needs a peg-taking piece and transparent strip.

Closer view of how the strip fits in there.

The knee section takes quite a few more pieces to complete and it looks like there will be moving frame parts in there once done.

It looks like the top frame part will tilt while the bottom one will slide in and out.

A frame part slides in behind those moving pieces.

Now we can add armour.

You’ll have to line up the tabs and slots.

Then add green parts to the front and back of the knee area while placing white parts on both sides.

Another green part goes on the top of the knee and you’ll be adding small, circular armour to the ankles.

Onto the ends of both the ankle parts you’ll slide on the rear section.

And clip on the front.

Now you get to complete the leg by joining it to the hip socket and foot.

And there you go.

Join that up to the massive waist unit.

Dat Ass

He looks done, doesn’t he? But there’s so much more to do!

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