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Sexy 00 torso of the MG Gundam Dynames is finished. It looks like the GN Frame runners for this kit are all new and the older MG 00 kits used different frame parts. Does that mean Bandai has plans for more 00 MG kits in the near future? I’m hoping for the Harute! The Dynames so far has been fun and I continued on from the torso right away.

Of course, after the torso came the head and that started with this uniquely shaped clear part.

You’ll add a very small blue circular sticker onto it and then place a white piece down into it.

Once in place swing that white part underneath and place a frame part on around the circle sticker.

Leave that for a moment while you grab the first large head frame piece and the clear piece for the eyes and add its sticker.

Place the eye part in its position and then the assembly you started first.

That upper clear part will be able to slide along that groove its housed in.

The facemask uses some small parts so it can be tricky. Tweezers will help if you have clumsy fingers.

Add the facemask.

It looks like Ironman to me.

Next, add a small transparent blue strip to both sides of the head.

Also, there is a small clear part for the back of the head.

Usually you’ll add the sticker first but here I put the part in place first so it could be held in position more easily while I applied the sticker.

Now for the first armour parts for the sides of the head.

Place some green on top of those.

Then prepare the V fin by laying the yellow V part into a small red piece.

This was tricky and took a few attempts to line up correctly.

To mount this onto the head you’ll need to pull out on the sliding forehead lens assembly and drop the white part down.

The V fin will clip into place.

Now move the V fin up and slide that forehead section back into the head.

Dynames so far.

Now for the arms!

Start those by making the shoulder connection sections.

Then proceed to make the elbow joints which use a transparent strip.

There is some bend to the elbow but that transparent strip doesn’t allow much movement.

Slide an armour part on from above.

For the armour at the cuff slide one white part inside another.

That cuff fits into the frame parts for the lower arm.

We’ve been building x 2 and that is continuing but we are stopping assembly of the arms in order to work on the shoulders. Join these two pieces together.

Then put that inside of the frame parts that make up the bulk of the shoulders.

Check out the movement at the top of the shoulders.

Add armour.

There’s a lot of movement in those shoulders.

Now head on back to the arm frames, select one which will be your right arm, and prepare your stickers.

You can sticker #44 is similar to the foil stickers. That’s because you can use both if you choose.

Sticker 44 will fit on the underside of the clear part if you want to use it. Knowing how difficult it is to line up a small sticker on a small clear part I opted to leave it off for now and just go with the foil.

Cover the foil with the clear and transparent green parts.

Place white armour on over top.

Dynames’hands are designed using several parts to make up the wrist.

There’s the right arm.

And there are both arms attached to both shoulders.

Dynames so far.

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  1. Dizz says:

    From looking at the parts, looks like I can use dynames hands for my 00 Qan-T right?

  2. Ameer says:

    The upper arm (bicep part), won’t be having a proper inner frame, right?

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