Gaijin Gunpla

The MG Gundam Dynames features a chest that can take a GN drive so with that gimmick more parts are used in the torso section of the build than you’ll find on most other Master Grade kits.

It starts with this runner.

GN Frame! It feels like it’s been a while.

While this kit can take the Bandai LED one is not included with the model so you’ll either build without it or you can get your hands on one somewhere else.

With no LED you build the GN Drive with nothing inside.

And there you go. There really isn’t much to say here. This GN Drive unit has been used in several of the 00 MG kits.

But now I’m going to build a Dynames torso to house it.

There’s the pilot. He’s ready.

To either side of the lower torso you add one of the transparent strips.

Though they are designated with letters they aren’t easy to read.

This assembly will be for the waist giving it more articulation.

Follow that up with the two shoulder joints and pegs.

Plug them onto one frame piece that then slides onto the torso.

Now for some yellow for the chest area.

That yellow part has to slide into the frame piece just right.

They’ll clip onto the torso around the base of the shoulder peg which we’ve seen before in the 00 kits.

And we’ve seen this before as well.

The back of the unit with latches to secure the GN Drive in place.

Let’s add some of that green now.

This is for the upper torso at the back.



Now for the front of the chest. Let’s start adding stickers to clear parts!

Ah the familiar 00 green orb. It’s been a while.

Add some more colour.

There is a piece of green to go on next.

This slides up onto the extending frame area from below but it doesn’t click into place leaving me to wonder whether I’ve got it on properly not. I bent the torso backwards at its lower waist joint to give me more space to work with but even with that it didn’t feel like I had gotten it on correctly.

Add the cockpit hatch.

Then the green armour for the side of the torso and the yellow spikes that sit atop the shoulders.

I can finally plug in the GN Drive I built at the start.

Once it’s in place close all the latches.

And there you go.

Off to a good start.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Limerick says:

    Sid, did you notice the haro moulded in the cockpit?

  2. donn says:

    GN frame? this could potentially be a spoiler for new celestial being master grades in the near future! And also you should take a closer look inside the cockpit as it has a little haro molded in the corner.

    • Michael says:

      All previous MG kits, including GN-X used the same frame. Don’t remember the markings, but I guess this one uses largely the same frame.

      • DraconicDak says:

        This is incorrect. The GN-X used a completely different frame, And the 00 used a very different frame from the Exia.

        The GN Frame boxed with Dynames is different from all previous 00 MG inner frames and is a new mold.

  3. BNuts says:

    Those translucent slips are giving me flashbacks to RG Exia…

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