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The MG Gundam Dynames, coming with some empty space in the box, looked to be one of the simpler Master Grade kits but so far the build has taken some time due to certain areas and unexpected complexities. The waist unit contains some of these.

The leg pegs are both on one piece which lays between the largest frame parts. This means that the pegs won’t move independently like on some other MG kits.

You’ll still have that extra motion, though.

Does anyone use this extra movement in the hips?

Add more frame parts to prepare for the skirts.

That front one slides on.

Now for the center block armour.

The skirt frame parts can be found on the multi-coloured A runner.

You’ll need two of the four of these from there.

Those hinge parts fit into another frame part which is then covered by green armour.

Then clip the two of these onto the front skirt armour.

Here is a preview of what they can do.

Repeat the process for the opposite side.

The Dynames is turning out to be an MG kit with quite a few gimmicks.

Let’s move on to the butt.

You’ll first work on one of the, uh, butt cheeks.

Movable frame parts join with a yellow piece.

When everything is put into place, joining all other parts, you’ll end up with a back skirt that works similarly to how the wings on the MG Sinanju do.

What I mean by that is this gimmick.

Does anyone else see that?

Add your green amour.

They fit on several pegs so line up carefully.

Once the armour is on you add some small frame parts to the outside.

Repeat for the other side.

To join them to the rest of the waist unit you’ll need these two parts.

And the beam saber handles are mounted here. Yes, on the side of Dynames’ butt cheek. That means you’ll grab the white D runners.

Note, these two white armour runners are also listed as GN Frame.

We will be seeing these again the future.

Anyways, slap you handles on.

And you’ve got a completed Dynames butt.

Now plug the butt into the waist unit.

That took longer than most of the MG waists I’ve assembled before. It’s a good time to stop before I tackle the legs and see what they have in store for me.

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  1. Damian says:

    I don’t usually use the extra hip joints, too. But this one is quite handy wih some extreme kneeling pose, like then pose that Dynames points the rifle upwards in the 1st opening

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