Gaijin Gunpla

Weapons and accessories are all that’s left in my Waist Unit of the MG Gundam Dynames build. Can I call the giant green mantle an accessory?

First up is the Sniper Rifle. Any kit that has itself a Sniper Rifle is okay in my books.

What’s this?

A choice when it comes to scope sticker?

I’ll go with… the one on the left?

That fits into the scope which is made up of three black parts.

Now grab one side of the rifle body and insert a small part from the inside.

Looks like this part will move.

Attach the scope to the top and insert a white piece.

Add the barrel and another handle.

Next this sliding ball joint.

Prepare the section that will clip onto that ball joint. It takes the last of the holographic parts.

Drop that onto the ball joint and add another part to the barrel while you’re at it.

The muzzle break will go on but at this stage you also add the bipod. You’re given part to make the bipod legs longer (those white parts) but for now I’ll just use the dark parts.

Fold up the bipod.

With that done I move on to the GN Beam Pistols.

You get to choose whether to put the green sticker on the top of the clear part or on the black part underneath the clear part. I choose on the green part.

That will then join the two parts that make up the bulk of the body and handle of the pistol.

The two pistols each have a holster as well.

To put the Pistols in you open up the holster and slide it in.

I’ll refrain from putting these on the MS for now.

And now I finally get to open up the runner bag with the large green parts.

With these you first make some green… things?

Each of these is two green parts with a dark part sandwiched inside.

You add this last C runner frame part to it and repeat for the one for the other side.

Using that frame part you clip it onto the end of the frame structure at the end of the shoulder.

That looks alright.

Now you assemble… the cloak?

Each side consists of several stages with each stage designed with the same concept as the others. Like you’ve just done, put a dark part between two large green parts.

Build the next stage the same way and clip it onto the first.

Then add the third stage.

Those hinges bend well in one direction but not so much in the other.

Lastly, add some frame parts to it in three places.

To get these onto the Dynames you first need to reposition the green flaps you put on the shoulders. You unclip them from the end and clip them on the back.

You can see here I left off his butt.

Then clip on the larger wing (?) in the spot where the small flaps just were.

Pull outwards on that top shoulder part and swing it to the front.

Reminds me of Deathscythe Hell.

There’s a lot of stuff to check out. Better get on it so I can write the review.

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  1. Paul Emical* says:


    do you think the new GN-FRAME marking on some ot the runners could mean we will see more 00 main suits/variants?
    I surely hope to see an MG Cherudim, and a Nadleeh/Virtue!

    • Ferdinand says:

      Since most runner had designation of GN Frame than Dynames. I can’t see why that’s not possible. Plus, the box had an illustration of Kyrios so…

  2. Butagami says:


    In your estimate, are the shoulder connections strong enough to support that heavy cloak? I ask because the NG 1/100 I have quickly lost the ability to hold them in a proper position without support, and the MG’s cloak looks to be quite a bit heavier, since every section consists of multiple pieces.

    That being said, it does look absolutely gorgeous. Dynames is one of the suits I had been hoping to get the MG treatment for years. I wonder if we’ll get a Virtue MG too, and if it’ll come with parts to display it mid-transformation into Nadleeh. Probably that’ll be either P-Bandai or an Ignition mode-type deal…

    • sorakm says:

      not syd, but i have this gorgeous mg and i can vouch for the shoulder joints strengh,
      the cload itself isn’t that heavy and the dynames can hold them very easily, even when you swing them around, backwards or such,
      the connection for the cloaks is fairly simple in and on itself and the shoulders have a sort of lockon (no pun intended) mecanism, ensuring the cloaks are always held in a pretty sturdy way,
      overall this kit is a wonder, no matter where you’re looking,easily one of the best if not the best mg out there when it comes to range of motion/articulation and sturdiness,

      and it looks gorgeous indeed to top it off 😉

  3. catharsis says:

    where the frick is the review Syd, it’s almost a month now since this post XD

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