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I’ve been a bit slow to Gunpla over the last couple of weeks. Easter holidays in a Western country are much different than in Japan so I had many holidays and many things to do on those days off. This is both good and bad.

Wondering if anything had been revealed ahead of the Shizuoka Hobby Show I was on Bandai’s official site tonight when I saw this.

At last!

[Preorder placed]

I’ve been talking about an RG Nu Gundam for a long time now so I’m ecstatic as I type this. I’m also pushing my eyeballs back into my head because they popped out when I started seeing the images.

Check these out!

[places dish towel over his keyboard as he drools.]

Here’s the autotranslate my google page displays (even though I opt for the option not to translate).

■ Various gimmicks to reproduce the setting mechanism and the poses in the play, and further, the original gimmicks based on real machine test results are condensed to 1/144 scale.
■ It is compatible with the fun of making the image of 1/1 scale and the fun of decorating by precise parts composition.
■ ν Gundam’s distinctive coloring is reproduced in molded color. The white body uses three light gray molded colors to increase information density.
■ The shoulder and abdomen have a built-in joint and can move flexibly. It enables twisting and shoulder extrusion, resulting in more dynamic posing.
■ The shoulder armor incorporates a mechanism that expands in tandem with the internal joint. By expanding the range of motion of the shoulder, reduce the interference between parts that occur in posing etc. holding an arm.
■ The waist joint moves finely for each block, and the movable range of the leg is expanded. The knee can be pushed forward widely, and a powerful pose with a wide stance can be produced even at 1/144 scale.
■ The legs carry a “multilink gimmick” in which the armor slides in conjunction with the movement of each joint. Poses with large knees are also reproduced naturally.

Beam rifle × 1
■ Fin ・ Funnel × 6
■ New hyper bazooka × 1
■ Shield (Beam · Canon) × 1
■ Beam saber(backpack part, arm part) x 1 each
■ Missile × 1 type

Molded parts × 13
■ Realistic decal × 1
■ Instruction manual x 1

Yes, it looks like it will be good.

Yes, I think we can all be a little wary of how the Fin Funnels will work but if there are any problems there I think I have a solution already.

Can’t wait until August. Good thing there are some interesting kits coming out between now and then to tide me over.

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  1. Neehon says:

    Seems awesome indeed. Much resemblance to MG Ver. Ka without the psychoframe transformation gimmick. And well… What a wonderful frame it has!!

  2. Sebastian Estrella says:

    It really does loke awesome, I´m so excited, i just hope i can get a preorder on amazon over here or something. I wonder why they have not showed any details on the fin funnels, maybe I have not looked deep enough for those, what are you´r thoughts on that? if I may ask

    • Evrt says:

      There is a place online in Palisades Park called Gundam PLanet. Really great store, and they have a per order on sale now!

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