Gaijin Gunpla

I’m travelling again! Back to Japan, my old home, and home to many of the things I hold dear or at least value highly. It was almost exactly a year ago that I was back there. I never made it to see the 1/1 Unicorn in Odaiba last time but maybe I’ll have a chance this time around.

Actually, I don’t imagine I will. The ‘person-who-decides-things’ has decided that this year we will be going to…

Tokyo Disneyland.

From memory, there are no Gundams there.

But that’s only two of the fifteen days I am there. I’ll be going to see my teacher at his dojo several times during those 15 days and I’ll also be meeting up with ASM towards the end which will likely involve some Gundam, some Akihabara madness, and even more likely, a good amount of alcohol. Just like old times.

And I’ll still be back home in time to collect my RG Crossbone X1 which is making the trip from Japan to Australia at roughly the same time.

Oh yeah!

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