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I wrote about the RG Crossbone X1 when I discovered it on Bandai’s site back in February. That announcement came as a surprise but Bandai has used the Real Grade line to shake things up a bit. Remember when we saw the RG Gold Frame Amatsu Mina? That came out of nowhere as well.

So, let’s look at the Crossbone.

I’m actually really pleased with a Crossbone for a couple of reasons. First, while I like the look the Xbone X1 I am not a fan of the MG Crossbone X1 Ver. Ka. I felt the frame on that kit wasn’t as good as on other previous Master Grades at the time.

Secondly, I think that the cloak looks much better on the Real Grade kit.

This is done by making the cloak from multiple plastic pieces.

Since I’m showing runners now, let’s start at the top.

Right on top is the distinct RG sticker sheet.

And I spotted the Real Grade B frame.

I’ll restrain myself from ripping the bags open for now and instead show some more detailed shots of that frame when I start assembly. It does look like the B frame is only a few parts which means that the bulk of the frame comes from parts on a runner. And here are the two F Frame runners alongside the two white armour C runners.

I know what these are!

I’m really looking forward to assembling an RG X1 Core Fighter.

After those doubles there are still single frame and white armour runners.

That frame runner has all the extra hand parts.

More manual shots.

Ah, RG markings.

I saw this kit at release day during my recent trip back to Japan and it made me look forward to returning home. That sounds odd. Looking forward to leaving Japan in order to do Gunpla.

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  1. Iki says:

    I really hoped they would do the plastic inlays they did on other rg kits like the astray, or the eyes on their figure rise lines.
    As it stands i really don’t understand why this kit is being advertised as part of the gunpla evolution project.

    They started with the hguc zeta, with it’s evolution point being articulation.
    Then the rg unicorn with it’s transformation.
    The pg exia with it’s lights.

    So what makes this an evolution in “extreme detail” compared to other rg kits?

    • BlueZaku says:

      Other then getting the cloak right or the a core fighter gimmick that isn’t annoying to use nothing that I can see. RG Sazabi wasn’t GEP even though it having the most complete inner frame for a 1/144 would have qualified it. Perhaps they originally wanted more color separation for a lot of the Crossbone’s most noticeable details like the skull and scars but was decided against while keeping the GEP for some reason.

    • styx says:

      It’s that damn sticker in the chest bro, that’s the evolution… and i really hope Syd is honest about that, because as it stands, you need to buy a fucking HG to get the less shitty foil sticker or else you´re going to get a crossbone without is chest emblem, there’s no way in hell people are going to use the damn sticker.

    • saverio sassetti says:

      Knowing the Crossbone should be gimmicks per square centimeter

    • Sablenk87 says:

      I think what Bandai think “extreme detail ” means to us as “extra small detail”
      It’s extra small with extra small details, it’s Sinanju’s waist tall, if you think Wing gundam is small, well, it’s smaller.

  2. ralf says:

    hey syd. why dont you create a youtube channel. We’ve been waiting. Gunpla tv is just not the same without you.

  3. Jagd says:

    Hi, just curious about this blue label ‘bandai spirits’ thing. Do they use same full print packaging for this RG kit or do they simplify it into plain white box?
    I notice some difference such as the blue label use ‘made in china’ instead of their usual ‘made in japan’ description. They also fully translate the instruction, which really noticeable since they now translate the short comic in the sd kit (the text is placed in awkward place though which makes me wonder whether they reduce the whole quality of their product or not). If they cut corners usually it’s done on the ‘less important’ part like packaging so I just a bit worried since I display RG kits with their nice box.

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