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The RG Crossbone X1 build started with the Core Fighter which gives it the look that makes the name Crossbone very fitting. With that assembled we move on to the feet legs.

There are no B frame parts for the this section so it’s all regular frame parts, baby.

Feet start with a swivel.

That gets housed in the main foot frame adding a small frame part onto which the toes will attach.

Here we get our first red parts and there are some undergates to deal with.

The white part for the rear of the foot slides up into the frame while the red part drops onto the front.

Like the white part for the rear of the foot, the red piece also slides up and in.

Now add the front white cover piece and complete the two feet.

Next you move to the right leg and again there are no RG frame parts here, just a lot of regular runner frame (RRF?) pieces.

Create the hip joint and lay it in the frame of the upper leg.

Now take a very small yellow piece, and cut off its very small undergate, and attach it to a frame hinge.

You’ll put this in place when you attach the frame parts for the knee.

You’ll then add the long lower leg frame.

Make sure it’s lined up correctly. The manual gives you a reference to compare against.

If you’ve got it in the correct position you can close up the lower leg.

Note how this will slide along that groove when you bend the knee.

Now for the main armour parts.

It occurred to me here that I’m not seeing the colour separation with the white parts that I usually find in RG kits. Hmm.

Make the kneecap with its blue insert.

That is a leg.

But we’re not done. You’ve got this part to put in place, after you cut off that runner blob.

It fits up in here found on the back of the lower leg.

The ankle is next and that involves one large, relatively for this small kit, and some small movable wings at the back.

Then the frame will slide up into a large white piece.

You need to push it in completely, according to the manual, and then may involve using the end of something narrow to get that extra force in the small area.

This then snaps onto the bottom of the lower leg.

Add the foot and you’ve got one completed right leg.

Repeat for the left and admire the pair.

I’ll need a waist for these.

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  1. catharsis says:

    syd, when will you post the review for Dynames, it has been a while now

    • S2 says:

      Bear with me, everyone. I fully intend to do one. The issue is finding the time. I was on holiday for more than two weeks which led to its own pile of troubles upon my return.

      • gunplaguy says:

        Hey Syd, I don’t think you really need to reply to this Dynames review delay. You have a post stating you will be on vacation in Tokyo, so its obvious precious time will be spent with the family. Don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure or obligation. This blog is suppose to be a fun hobby to share gunpla at your own time and leisure 🙂

  2. That leg frame feels MG-ish. I like it. 😀

  3. Alberto from Italy says:

    “Next you move to the right leg and again there are no RG frame parts here, just a lot of regular runner frame (RRF?) pieces.”

    Interesting freudian slip, Mr Syd, if you don’t mind my calling it this way.

    It sounds as if you think the “true” RG line must have tons of pre-moulded parts, and not just a few. We’ve already discussed a bit about this somewhere, but this might be the correct moment.

    And I must say again that in my opinion the RG can’t be decided according to the number and to the kind of pieces you find in the box. In my opinion, the main feature of the RG is having a perfectly working model with a solid inside frame, with a wide range of movemente and with great details. No matter how we get to this, by using a pre-moulded frame or piece by piece I mean: this is what I want as the final result, and an RG kit is an RG kit if, and only if, it gives me this expected result.

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