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I didn’t construct the arms of the RG Crossbone X1 when I assembled the torso so I’ve got an armless Crossbone at the moment.

Construction of the arms starts with this small section. It’s difficult to see what’s going on here but I’ll point out something interesting shortly.

You’ll make two of these and then put them aside to work on two of another thing.

Anyone familiar with the Crossbone Gundam will know what they are looking at here. However, you put these aside as well and move on to construction of the right arm.

You’ll construct the elbow joint using several frame parts.

Once the elbow frame is complete slide a white armour part on from below and then slide a frame part onto the lower arm from the side.

The part you slid in place isn’t secured there until you add the second of two more frame parts found on the bottom of the arm. While you’re doing this you also add the upper arm armour piece.

Notice you also add the shoulder joint which you assembled at the start of construction of the arms. Now I can point out what I was referring to back then.

You have a little tab that has to line up correctly in order to slide through the frame piece below and then you turn it to secure it in place. This is similar to what I saw when I was working on the MG FA Gundam Thunderbolt Ver Ka kit. At that time it was a new concept and one that quite a few builders had some problems with. That experience helped here with the Crossbone.

Next clip in one of the two things you assembled second and add the red cuff.

That is the arm and from there you move right on to adding pieces to make up the shoulder.

The two parts will sandwich together around the shoulder socket.

Into that you’ll insert two small yellow parts.

The manual tells you they must go in a certain way.

You then cover most of that with a blue piece.

Two smaller blue parts go on the sides around the yellow pieces and a little white part will clip onto the top.

Now just add one of two hands.

And then repeat.

Add those to what you’ve got so far and you are so close to being done the Mobile Suit portion of this build.

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