Gaijin Gunpla

Only got the head of the RG Crossbone X1 and then I’ve got the full MS with only the weapons and accessories to finish. In pure RG style you’re given a choice with how you want to handle the eye stickers but you’re also given a choice as to what kind of head to assemble.

Eye patch or no eye patch.

I prefer a symmetrical look so I’ll go with no eye patch.

I finally get to open this runner bag. Unlike some other RG kits no stickers were meant to be applied during construction aside from the eye sticker.

Regardless of which you choose you’ll need this small part.

It’s small.

Once your sticker is on you place the facemask onto a red piece and then plug that and the eye piece into one side of the head.

Add the crown and the V fin.

Then the blue piece and its skull and crossbones piece to complete the head.

Man, that’s small.

I can add the Core Fighter now if I like.

But before I do I wanted to get this shot.

That just makes me laugh. Love you, Saz, you big lug.

The cape has the largest parts but is really easy to assemble as you just attach each section of the cape to a ball joint and then plug that into the center section.

Now for the weapons.

Manual gives you a choice to add the barrel attachment. Of course I will.

And now for the Beam Zamber! Whatever that is!

Crossbone’s trusty weapons.

Back to that Core Fighter, I have it ready to go in.

It secures quite well thanks to the cylinders plugging into holes on the back of the Xbone.

You’re meant to fold it down to get the cape on.

It fits perfectly around the front of the torso but you need to take off the head to get it on.

And that’s where I got before I had to quickly pack up because I was running late. I hope to get full shots of this guy soon.

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  1. maui says:

    HI Syd,

    Just curious what brand of nippers do you use? thinking of getting a new one

  2. Belades says:

    That’s not a barrel attachment actually. IIRC, it’s a nuclear warhead.

  3. Alberto from Italy says:

    Mr Syd, “zamber” is just a wrong japanization for “sabre”.

    No idea of the reason why it was used here, as “beam sabre” or “beam saber” are to be found in many manuals, but I guess it adds a bit of “esotic” to the peculiar look of this kit.

    If you like a bit of trivia about this word, it’s not the first time Sunrise has used it. Does anybody here know “Daitarn 3”, one of the earliest original (I mean, not on behalf of Toei) Tomino/Yatate/Oniwara/Sunrise productions? Well, Daitarn’s laser swords were called “Daitarn ZaNbers” (please pay attention to the N), which was clearly a mistaken japanization for “sabres”.

    The totally made-up word was recycled here: funny!!!

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