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The last couple of Real Grade releases, the Full Armor Unicorn and Sazabi, were big box kits with lots of parts and a big presence once completed. The RG Crossbone X1, on the other hand, is back to being a standard RG box sized model and will end up being much smaller.

Evidence of this can be found with one of the things that distinguishes RG model kits, the B runner.

There are only two parts on this RG B frame. Crossbone X1 sets a record here. And one of the two parts on there is used for the Core Fighter.

It’s easy to see that his part is for the Core Fighter. Once you remove it from the runner it performs just like a B frame part should.

Contort it as per the manual’s instructions.

Woof! Woof!

Be careful how far you move those legs, please. Note that there is a plastic tab on there to prevent it from moving too far.

But also note that if you do move it too forcefully you can bend that tab in the wrong direction risking having it break off.

Once all limbs are pointing the same way you fold the part in half in the middle.

So far the Xbone feels like RG Origami.

You’ll place a small frame part in the middle and fold the B part around it.

But be carefully handling it here. Nothing is secured in place yet so that small part can pop out while you’re doing the next few steps.

Now bend everything.

And then prepare the twelve parts (3 parts per each of the 4 limbs).

Lay the yellow piece into the white part and then plug those onto the B frame limb. Then you can secure it in place with the frame piece.

X marks the spot.

X needs thrusters.

Each thruster will be able to pivot.

Now position them all in their folded position but be careful that circular frame part you first put on doesn’t fall off.

You’re doing the cockpit next so prepare the top and bottom halves.

It is here that you finally secure the B frame in this position and the risk of the circular part coming off is eliminated.

Now for the windshield.

Do you need a shield from wind in space?

Follow that up with the nose.

We’re almost there.

We need to add the last parts.

There is one of these on eachside.

And there we are!

A Real Grade Crossbone Core Fighter!

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