Gaijin Gunpla

Normally my kit WIPs consist of upper and lower halves. I’ll build feet with legs and legs with waists. I’ll build torsos with arms and heads. That’s not how it’s turning out with the RG Crossbone X1. I finished the feet and legs last time but packed it up before moving to the waist. Being a very small kit, the next build session saw me get through the waist and torso which is what I’m showing now. That likely means the next installment will have arms and a head.

After completing the legs we move on to the waist. Again, there’s no RG B Frame part here in the Xbone build so we are using regular frame parts which makes it feel like a cross between an HG and an MG.

First you sandwich in a moving leg socket part.

Then, together with the frame piece which has the connections for the skirts, plug it into the rear waist center block.

Then do the same connecting it to the front center block along with its red piece.

Once you’ve got the main section done you move on to the skirts. First up are the front skirts and those have you join three armour parts together.

Then attach the peg frame part to the skirt flap frame and then join that to your white pieces.

To join the front skirt to the waist simply plug in the peg.

And repeat for the other side.

For the rear skirts plug a small white part onto a very tiny peg found on the side of the skirt frame.

Then plug that onto the ball joint from below and secure it by placing the armour piece on from above.

Side skirts are similar, with the ball joint sandwich method, but you also inlay a blue piece.

Once both side skirts are on flip them up to give yourself access to the socket.

Then plug in the legs.

Flaps down!

So there’s the bottom half of the MS and usually this is where I stop a WIP but, as I said above, we are still going.

Grab the only other piece found on the RG B frame runner.

Flip back the pegs on the sides.

Attach frame peg parts to the RG peg and also add the two frame parts which make up the torso connecting peg.

Now let’s work with the smallest piece of the entire build.

At least I hope it’s the smallest piece. I hope there isn’t anything smaller. Those small white parts fit onto the sides of the cockpit hatch armour piece.

Then the hatch fits onto the front upper armour.

Put the front and rear armour onto the frame.

Then add some yellow.

White parts then go on the side and bottom of the lower torso.

Let’s add that to the lower body. Here is the opening at the back where the Core Fighter will be housed.

Good. Good.

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  1. Aloy says:

    if you thought the white parts on the chest were the smallest, wait until you get to the head. Kit is looking real good so far!

  2. Alberto from Italy says:

    Sorry for pointing it out, Mr Syd, but I guess there’s something wrong with the picture where you say: “Here is the opening at the back where the Core Fighter will be housed”.

    That said, I’m quite fascinated with the new pegs for the moving front waist armour panels, totally different from the usual ball/socket mechanism we’ve found for years… Will this work well? But why isn’t it used for the back armour panels as well? Is this the reason why this kit is a member of the “Gunpla evolution project” league?

    One final question, if you don’t mind, Mr Syd. Do the side waist frame pegs move up and down? I must say I can’t understand if they’re fixed or moving. If they can move, does this mean the full piece is pre-moulded outside the B runner? It would be interesting…

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