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So far my NT-1 Ver 2.0 Alex is all frame but that changes now!

I’m up to the backpack and weapons. Yes, the manual has you assemble the weapons before moving onto Step 2, the Inner Walls, and Step 3, the Chobham Armor.

It doesn’t make much sense to have an all frame backpack seeing as I can’t mount the thing until I’ve put the rear torso armour onto Alex’s body so I’m just going to build the entire thing and move on to the weapons.

First step on the backpack is to grab the one piece of frame and insert a white part into it.

Then… circles!

I’m going to end up going through circle-withdrawal once I am finally done with all of these.

Add the armour panels.

I wasn’t paying attention here and put the main piece on before the sides and that’s not how it is supposed to be done. This results in the top of the main piece bending upwards leaving a noticeable gap that makes me sad.

Let’s pretend we can ignore that as we move on.

Add two beam sabre handles.

And then the thrusters.

I am happy to report the gate placement for these thrusters is perfect. Thanks, Bandai!

A rather simple backpack but I like it.

And speaking of simple, here’s the Beam Rifle.

And here is the K runner which I noted from the runner list at the start of the manual would end up with many unused parts.

I have discovered the reason.

It’s from the RX-78-2 2.0 kit which I am very familiar with. My favourite variant is the G3.

So I remember this.

But not this step. This is new.

I am liking the larger handle area.

Handle tilts to allow better grip and posing.

Going left to right the first four parts are from the RX-78-2 2.0 while the next two are new for the Alex 2.0.

Now all I need is the barrel. I found it on the C runner.

This is the part that is also used when putting the sleeve on the shoulder joint when assembling the arms. I guess I can’t use it yet, then.

For the time being my bazooka looks like this.

Now for the shield and that starts with these parts.

Take that and before snapping it on to the main frame part of the shield slide on another piece.

Then flip it over.

This will then fit onto the largest part in the kit, the shield.

Then add the handle and the blue piece.

It opens!

And there we go. Three (almost) completed weapons.

Even now, with a complete MS frame and weapons assembled, I’m not sure how I will proceed. Hmmm.

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