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After what seems like an awfully long time a review is up, the RG Crossbone X1 review. Several readers appear to have been waiting because recent comments have been like this:

So… When will the reviews for dynames and crossbone be up?


when will you post the review for Dynames, it has been a while now

and also,

…THATS AMAZING!! but whens the review?

and even,

where the frick is the review Syd, it’s almost a month now since this post XD

The readers have spoken and they’re saying I suck. Hey, I know my reviews for kits are quite popular and it isn’t my intention to abandon them. It’s a matter of changes, both large and small. Back in the day (pre-2017) when I lived in the birthplace of Gunpla and dealt with it for a living I had access to kits, photo booths, and most importantly time. Things changed when I left Japan for Australia, obviously, but I still intended to keep doing what I had been doing. I wrote about life changes and concerns with reviews back in August of 2017. Here is the relevant statement:

Normally, I would begin the photography and preparing to write the review, which is where I would show those kind of things, but now that I no longer have access to the photo booth which I once did any reviews from here on out are going to look distinctly different from everything I’ve done up until now. For some reason that bothers me more than it should. I’m very big on consistency. On the other hand I know people both look forward to and use my reviews when evaluating kits for personal future purchases so if I were to suddenly stop it could be very inconvenient for these people. I do have good natural lighting and white window blinds in the new apartment which means I could probably get some satisfactory images for reviews. It’s just a matter of squeezing it into the schedule and not minding the change to the look of the review section of Gaijin Gunpla. What should I do?

I followed it up with my first review in my new format (on the kitchen table next to the windows with the blinds open) with the MG Justice Gundam getting the honours. I’ve reviewed all the major new kits (or what I consider major) since then but things have slowed recently. Now the issue isn’t lighting or lack thereof, it is a lack of time. Where before I had some hours to myself on a weekend day thanks to my 3 year old daughter having her daily nap, I don’t have that chance now because there are no longer any naps. There also isn’t just one should-be-nap-taking child in the household anymore. There are two!

I’d been holding on and holding out, waiting for both kids to be napping or both kids to be out with mom so I could have a couple Saturday or Sunday hours to myself in which I could pound through as many pictures as possible for reviews. Finally, I got that chance and was able to photograph the RG Crossbone, as you’ve seen, as well as many photos for an upcoming MG Alex review. I wasn’t able to get to the Dynames however so I still feel behind.

I am thinking things will have to change. Where once I had free daytime hours I will have to make do with free nighttime hours. I get some of those more regularly. Sometimes uninterrupted!

I have good lighting in the apartment. It is not natural lighting but I will use it. This is warning to expect more shadows in the images you will see in the review. The thought of this bothers me a bit as I am big on consistency but what can you do?

As a test run for this new setting it looks like the MG Alex 2.0 will feature images taken during the day and also at night. We’ll be able to compare them to each other and see how things look.

Then I can do the MG Dynames.

Oh, and a photoshoot for the beautiful HiRM Astray Red Frame.

And then anything else I’ve missed.

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  1. Seth says:

    Take however long you need to do reviews! They are great and worth the wait. And honestly the picture quality is perfectly fine from the pictures I have seen taken in your new place.

  2. Stephen says:

    Not gonna lie, I do look forward to reading your reviews Syd since I find them quite informative and entertaining. That being said, take your time to do things the way you want to. Obviously you’re hosting and making this site free for readers, and those comments do reek of a sense of entitlement from wanting to see reviews come sooner than later.

    Also, yeah, kids. They’re a time-sink.

    Keep on trucking on Syd!

  3. Paul Emical* says:

    Take your time and don’t mind complaints. This is still a hobby and as such it should be a pressure release valve, not something that puts even more pressure on you.
    That said, if lighting is a concern, you could consider investing a few dollars in a diy photo booth. I’ve seen many that are cheap to make, work great and don’t take too much room.

  4. Raymond says:

    I think as others also do, there are so few gunpla review sites which are kept up to date, and bring the level of detail and care that you do. I like many others read every review you do, and they are all well presented. I’m not in a rush and you shouldn’t be either. I think the comments above in your post are more just them trying to say that they love your reviews and can’t wait for the next one, rather than some sense of entitlement to your time.

    I have an almost 2 year old, and she does take up a lot of my time, which she needs, you put your family first and we shouldn’t expect any different from you. You’ll get around to it when you can, and we’ll read and enjoy your reviews when you do them.

    Keep up the good work(reviews and parenting!)

  5. Elijah says:

    I love your reviews, but I understand that this is a hobby for you to enjoy. Don’t let some complainers get you stressed out about it.

  6. Ian says:

    Hey Syd,
    Don’t beat yourself up about review timing. I’ve got two kids, roughly the same age and it’s so hard to find time to myself, even after putting them to bed. It is just going to be the new normal.

  7. Iki says:

    Don’t care about the lighting or background at all.
    As long as I can see the kit, and you explain how much you can bend it, how much you liked the build, and such, that’s enough.

  8. Dawson says:

    I love reading your reviews and I check your site daily for new posts. It’s understandable how life and responsibilities can make doing these things difficult. Hang in there, don’t really mind the photos as I think readers care more about your thoughts.

  9. Dee Dubya says:

    I’ve followed you for years Syd – from the Hobbylink Japan & GunplaTV days to Gaijin Gunpla – and you have my support pretty much no matter what. I enjoy the reviews whenever they come out but just seeing the WIP posts is cool too. Love ya work mate.

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