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It’s time to put some armour on my NT-1 Ver 2.0 Alex. I’ve enjoyed viewing the frame but I want to move on to Step 2.

And before I can do that I need to get the base MS finished. Having gone ahead and assembled the entire frame I now have to disassemble some things in order to get the armour on.

To continue on with my little them of doing things out of order, rather than begin back at the beginning of the manual and starting by armouring up the torso I’m going to work in reverse and armour up the section I finished last and continue back from there.

Obviously I can’t go through the manual panel by panel in reverse but I can complete areas in their reverse order. I’m starting at the end.

That’s the waist.

That means I’ll need to take this off.

And I’ll cut off this part while I’ve got the manual opened to the page.

However, that won’t be going on until I put it back together completely.

Side skirts.

For the front skirts take the frame part and slide a white part into place at the top.

Then rotate it 180 degrees.

Into that you will insert the yellow part from behind.

This yellow peg is what is used to attach it to the waist.

You’ve now got two armour pieces to put on.

The rear skirt is much less complicated. One frame part and two armour pieces.

This snaps onto the waist frame from above.

I then add the rear center block armour part.

To do that I have to tilt the rear skirts upwards, slide the center piece in, then bring the skirts back down.

There is a small tab sticking out on both sides of the center block which act as a stopper for the rear skirt.

Flip it over to work on the front and slide on the dark piece that goes around the little yellow V and then one of the center armour parts.

That white part won’t go on with the little circles installed so I had to deconstruct some of what I’d assembled.

It wasn’t too much work to get those small circles off but, yea, maybe I should have considered this kind of thing when I thought building the frame first.

The little circle at the bottom center of the skirt has to come off as well in order to get the final center armour piece on.

But putting it back on wasn’t easy as the recess was quite deep. The solution; insert only the white circular part first.

This allows me to use my tweezers.

Then I could add the yellow part.

If I were to do this all again, I’d have to say I would go in manual order and place the white circles first before adding the yellow center. Learn from my experiences.

Now I could drop on the section that includes the side skirts and the front skirts.

However, I have some armouring to do on the legs next so I decided to hold off on completing the waist.

For the legs I started by adding the thigh armour.

Then there is a small white part that slides into place on the back of the knee and another larger part that goes in at the bottom of the leg but I also had to go back and add the white piece that was meant to go on the frame part just below the knee back at the when assembly of the leg frame first began.

If you push too hard trying to get that white part on the frame piece will pop off and you’ll have to try to get it back into place either by maneuvering it around carefully or disassembling the leg. Actually, scratch that. If you just follow the manual you will not have my problems.

Anyways, that small part at the back of the knee.

And that found on the bottom of the leg.

Check out how that troublesome (for me) white piece on the back of the lower leg tucks up into the leg as the knee is bent.

The long narrow armour part that covers up the front of the lower leg needs a little red tip.

The inside of the leg uses two parts.

I like the gap there.

The outside of the leg uses two blue parts.

That finishes the leg and I’m moving on to the foot.

Sure I can add the blue armour to it but to complete the foot I need to detach it from the leg.

Otherwise I’d never get this part on.

This design is quite interesting. The ankle armour sits on the posts sticking out the sides of the ankle frame and is locked into place when you put on the circular side.

There’s one leg.

Now I can drop the front/side skirt section on.

…some time later…

(really after just grabbing something to eat, using the toilet, and checking my phone)

For the upper body I need to put that joint cover on and that means I’ll need to take the arms off.

That means I need to use the bazooka barrel.

I’ve some armour to put on the upper arm first, however, so that means popping off the shoulder joint.

First slide on a small armour part that sits just above the elbow and then the larger part that will cover the upper arm entirely.

Sleeve time.

I think I remember how to do this.

Before sliding it on the arm I have to replace the shoulder joint and once on tuck the ends inside the upper arm armour.

This is different than the FA Thunderbolt Gundam which had them built and secured with the frame before any armour went on.

Then just pop plug the arm onto the shoulder peg.

That means that the upper area of the sleeve is not attached to anything and the only thing preventing people from seeing it loose in there is the shoulder.

I’m conflicted. It looks fine but seems like it could have been done better.

Talk about loose ends.

Add the front and back armour parts for the lower arm.

If you’re building this in the correct order then the hand won’t be in the way. There would only be the loop there to which the hand attaches. Because I’ve assembled the hand already I’ll instead just pull it off along with the wrist.

Then I can plug it back in once the armour is on.

Now armour up the shoulder.

I will eventually need to add some armour atop the torso so I’ll go ahead and pull off the head even though it isn’t necessary to install the armour.

Here is where the other sticker on the foil sheet comes into the picture.

This sticker doesn’t go onto the green clear piece. It goes onto the white armour part.

When that armour is put in place that sticker sits behind the green clear piece.

Add the V, etc.

Alex has a good head shape.

I’m almost there. Back where I started. The torso.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably noticed that I have only armoured up one arm. And you may have backtracked to notice I’ve only done one leg as well. Yup, I’m going for the half-and-half look here. However, you can’t do a half/half torso build.

Add the poly-cap to the rear armour so you can attach the backpack.

Be sure to line it up and slide it in all the way.

Add more parts.

Note how these two parts connect using pins.

Now for the neck.

I can finally use this piece.

It fits on well but doesn’t snap into place. It will be held there when you plug the upper body on.

And here he (half) is.

Still lots to do!

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