Gaijin Gunpla

I’m all over the place with the NT-1 Ver 2.0 Alex and that’s by choice.

I’ve opted to build the frame first so I’ve been skipping, or at least glancing over as I go by, any panels in the instruction manual that show armour.

So far my naked Alex looks like this.

The manual would have me build the legs next but I’ve decided I want to tackle the waist first.

Make sure your poly-cap is in there and close this up. You then add the little yellow V.

And you will need more of these.

From here you’re meant to start on the skirt armour.

As I’m skipping that I’ll move to the next non-armour step and that means…

More small circles.

I then have a white armour part I will decide to put on its frame counterpart.

It’s onto this that you connect the front and side skirt first before dropping it onto the waist. I’ll just drop it on there as is.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Now he’s ready for his legs!

Feet are built x 2.

You have to insert a poly-cap looking piece up into the upper foot frame from beneath but it needs to be at a good angle to allow the peg to push into it when you’re doing that step.

Bendy toes.

This is interesting.

This is the ankle frame. It is only two parts one of which slides onto the larger one at a specific alignment. If you look closely you’ll see a little ridge on the post.

That is meant for the opening found on the other part.

Slide the smaller onto the large, lining up the ridge and opening so they can join completely and then flip the smaller part around.

Then plug it into the foot.

Now for the legs which at this stage are also x 2.

First join together the parts which will become the upper leg and knee joint.

Onto the bottom of the piece representing the knee you’ll clip on a small frame piece.

This piece is meant to have an armour part attached to it but I’m leaving that off.

What could go wrong?

Preview of the bendiness.

Although I’m skipping the armour I do need to include these white and yellow parts.

This sits inside the rear area of the lower leg frame, add the poly-cap at the bottom of the leg, and close it up.

Manual shows you where everything should line up.

I’ve got it lined up but how difficult will it be to add the white part to the backside of the leg now?

I will cross, or burn, that bridge when I come to it.

Add yellow parts.

And another circle!

And then finish it off with the hip joint.

MG leg frames.

Mmm mmm mmm.

I always enjoy viewing a naked frame.

Frame seems to have pretty good articulation. Let’s recreate an image from the promotional material/manual/box.

Me likey.

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  1. Stephen says:

    That is one gorgeous frame…I really should get off my butt and watch 0080…

    • BlueZaku says:

      Is it though? It has so much detailless flat areas like the shoulders, the head vents are just flat voids. Older 2.0s like the Zaku II, RX78-2 and Gundam MK2 have gorgeous inner frames, what I’m seeing here with the Alex better resemble the simple ones used on many RGs

      • Stephen says:

        In comparison to the Zaku 2 (haven’t built the others), yeah it’s lacking, but I still find it quite nice. I usually keep the armor on my MGs anyway, and for me the frame is less about the “detail” and more about the poseability and how it works in conjunction with the armor.

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