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Didn’t we just get a Hi Resolution Astray? We did! It was the Astray Red Frame. Well, that’s in the past because Bandai is here with another and it’s dark, baby. The Hi Resolution Gundam Astray Noir looks just as excellent as the HiRM Red Frame and my body is ready.

I’m quite excited for this kit because the I was really intrigued by the MG Gundam Astray Noir kit but I never got around to building it. Instead I built the MG Lukas’s Strike E + IWSP and had quite a good time with it.

But the Noir is something else with that dark colour scheme and this MS in Hi-Resolution form will be beautiful.

Those wings, baby.

And now for the box. I’ll point out the obvious and say that we can expect more in this box compared to that of the Red Frame (it’s the wings, baby) but that is already born out by the weight listed for both. The Astray Red Frame’s box weighed 900 grams whereas the box with the Noir inside is 1030 grams. Box art is that beautiful image shown above but here is the back of the box.

Bandai produce high quality model kits and the majority of them are excellent and these new lines are even a step above what we know which points to how Bandai is looking at innovation while at the same time maximizing profits from past designs. The one thing will always give credit to Bandai for is their packaging. Each grade has its own type of box design and they are all very well done. I wrote something along these lines when the PG Unicorn released but it is worth mentioning again with this new Hi-Resolution Model line. The back of the box is a giant billboard to what this lineup and model are.

Does reading that get you even a little excited?

Having just built an HiRM Astray I don’t need to go through the box in a lot of detail but I will still show what is in there.

Noir’s markings.

A quick dig through the pile and it was easy to spot the new stuff.

That backpack was bound to be made up of a lot of parts and there are several bags of parts I don’t recognize.

Here is the star of the show.

Perhaps the only thing I haven’t come to love about the HiRM kits is the tiny manual.

For such a big box the manual seems small. It’s a Chibi-manual. I guess you don’t need a big manual when you have no frame to assemble.

I notice that there are quite a few parts I won’t be using here.

We knew there would be a lot of common parts but maybe I can make a Red Frame Noir hybrid with these extras. Worth considering doing some parts swapping and seeing the results.

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