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There he is! The NT-1 Ver 2.0 Alex!

After taking pictures of a half-and-half MS I put down the camera and quickly (relatively) applied the armour to the right arm and right leg and then attached the backpack.

Doesn’t he look good?

I haven’t previously shown the cockpit hatch assembly so I’ll take a moment for that.

Here is the main piece and the frame.

Insert the frame part in from behind.

Next add two red parts.

The first is easy enough. Lay it in there.

It looks like this is meant to slide open.

The second piece, however, isn’t so easy. It is meant to be pushed into place from the front.

But there is only one area that makes a connection of any kind so it’s difficult to see the angle at which you need to push it in.

It took several tries to get it in enough that it wouldn’t fall out again when I moved the kit. Hopefully, I’ve got it in there for good.

I also was able to complete the bazooka now that the barrel isn’t being used for any other purpose.

Barrel is new from runner C while that part at the end is from A.

So Step 1 is finished.

That means I can move on to what is, for me, the most interesting step of this kit.

Step 2: Armor Inner Walls

I finally get to use these runners.

There isn’t a lot of parts here but there are some big ones. It seems it’s just a matter of putting parts on but there is some assembly involved as well such as the torso.

Before you slide that on spread out the shoulders.

When it comes to the front skirts you have to move a small panel revealing the place to plug the inner wall part in.

You can see the tab on the underside of the inner wall.

The rear skirt is a little more involved.

You first assemble two sides for thrusters.

Before they go on you first put the inner wall parts into place in the large rear skirt piece.

Then thrusters.

It will slot into the opening at the top of the rear center block.

Snug like a bug in a rug.

For the backpack piece you need to lift up on the white part which has the beam saber handles attached.

That will create the opening into which you’ll plug the inner wall connection.

Add one part each for both the front and back of the lower arms.

For the shoulders clamshell two parts on.

The Inner Walls for the legs require some minor assembly. Basically putting two halves together.

The front set features a small part found on one of the Chobham Armor runner.

Looks like that small part will move.

The rear is a simple 1/2 plus 1/2 = 1.

When it comes to putting it on the leg you join the front and back at the sides of the leg.

You have to line a few things up.

And there he (half) is.

I have been enjoying myself (half enjoying myself?) during this build but let’s not leave something unfinished. Step 2 go!

One step remains.

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