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While I’m catching up on various things I may as well write about my cats again. When I wrote about Neko Busou 3 I mentioned not having gotten around to Neko Busou 2.

Well, here they are!

A,B,C, and D.

As is the standard now with these things they have some interesting cat-centric names.

Set A is the Cupid Nyanko.

Yes, that cat has wings and flies around like Cupid with what looks to be a robo bow/arrow thingy. If a little Cherub Cat isn’t your style he can become the Neko Beast!

But don’t forget, if you’ve got the rest of the set you can Nyastamize!

They are really going all out on the nomenclature here.

If you have set D to go along with A you can make the Neko Yanma or you can combine it with set C and make yourself the Nyanriki sha (feline powered vehicle!). Two cats and enjoy the ride.

Set B is the Neko Bike.

Head out on the highway!

B’s other form is the Korogashiteke wo Toru Neko. Korogasu means to roll over or to turn over. This form looks like a Neko driven tractor or something.

B + D = Neko Combine. See, it is a tractor! B + C = Nyan WD (cat wheel-drive). I’m sure it all made sense in Bandai’s meetings.

Enter Cat C:

The Nyan Truck. or Track? Both truck and track are written with the same Katakana. I’m inclined, due to it having wheels, to think this is meant to be Nyan Truck but I can’t help but think it would work as a play on words Amtrack.

Nyantrack. Anyone?


If the Cat Truck (or Track) isn’t your thing you can always build it as the Neko Tower Neko. Cat Tower Cat? Nyan Truck it is!

And last, but not least (nor most), is set D.

Nekopion! Now this is my style. The Cat Scorpion!

Or, if you’re not cool, it can be a Drill Nyan!

On all of the boxes Bandai has put the phrase, “キミだけねこぶそうを見つけよう!” Find your Neko Busou!

With twelve of these releases now the Cat possibilities are nearly endless. Endless Nyanibilities!

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    It’s like Pokemon: gotta catch’em all! 😀
    My wife’s gone crazy with Neko Busou and I’m very happy to help by feeding her addition.

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