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Ah, the MG. Consistently enjoyable and consistently consistent when it comes to most of the build designs in the lineup. That’s a long way of saying that the NT-1 Ver 2.0 Alex build starts by putting the pilot in the cockpit.

Where’s the pilot? Found him!

Found all three of him!

After putting the pilot in add several parts to the bottom.

Check out what those parts do.


Of course the armour will hinder much of that lower torso articulation. Unless…

Plan of action decided!

Here are the parts you use for some the articulation in the shoulders.

After plugging one into the other you get a larger piece and line things up to slide one end through that hole.

Once it’s on you rotate it 180 degrees.

This locks the part that you will assemble the shoulders around onto the shoulder piece.

I’m seeing more and more of this design in the more recent MG kits. And I like it.

Place the shoulders onto the pegs found atop the torso.

Some shots showing the movement that will be out of sight once the armour is on.

Be careful pushing those on. The fit is really tight and requires a bit of effort but the peg you’re pushing onto has narrow at the top and you’ll likely drive that narrow peg right into your thumb.


So, quickly, add the top plate to protect yourself.

Save your thumbs!

Then add yellow.

It’s here you start adding the armour.

You know what I, and I’m sure many others, like most about Master Grade kits? That inner frame. It’s a lot of fun to put together the model that looks like a robot and often has moving parts much like a machine. Usually you don’t see that once the armour is on. The Alex looks quite cool unarmoured.

I decided I would build the Alex’s entire frame first and once that was complete put on the armour. And then put on the inner frame walls… then the Chobha armour. Wait, did I just added a step to a 3-step build? Ah well.

With no armour I could skip the next few panels in the instruction manual.

That meant I could go right to the last step on the torso and add the neck shaft.

Then the head!

The Alex isn’t flashy so there’s not a lot going on in most of the build. I just added an eye sticker and I was done.

As a testament to how simple the Alex is, here is the foil sticker sheet.

I’m already half done!

Without adding armour the build is progressing nicely and I am already on the arms. Now to build things in duplicate. First up is (are) the shoulder joint(s).

Here I use my first poly-cap, housing it between the small frame parts.

Then I move to assembling elbows.

To these I’m supposed to add armour but I am skipping that and hoping it doesn’t come back to bite me later.

The next part involves shiny parts.

Well, silvery parts anyway.

Make sure you remove the world’s smallest undergates before joining the pieces together.

You plug those small pegs into the small hollows.

Pew pew pew.

Some white parts are used next to build around these guns.

Then a larger armour part goes on from the top. I elected to use it after looking at the image of the unarmoured kit in the manual which did include that armour part.

Next come the wrists and that is done by inserting a loop into a little frame cuff.

More frame parts are then used to link that cuff to the arm weapon you just assembled.

Now join together the shoulder joint, elbow frame, and lower arm you have ready,.

Now you switch to working only on the right arm but basically you’re just assembling a right hand here.

Check out how I put the white armour part on before sliding that bar through the wrist loop. Oops! I fixed it.

There’s a lot of bend in these arms. Will be interesting to see how that is affected when the armour eventually goes on.

At this stage of the build you are meant to use the small plastic sleeves and place them around the shoulder joint. I have experience with how easily those sleeves can tear so I’m electing to leave them off the build for now.

This means I can just plug in the arm.

Plug in the arms.

I like that look.

I think I’ll end this session by adding the shoulder frame parts.

As we’ve already attached the shoulder part that fits around the arm I only need to joint the two side frame parts together around it. But then I need these.

Three for each shoulder. And a total of six of these.

These parts are small. To lessen the chance of dropping things…

That’s a pro-tip right there!

The slat on the back of the white part will slot into openings on the shoulder frames.

I forgot to take a picture of the shoulders with the white circles on there because I was already flipping through the manual, going past the sections for the feet and legs, and looking at the waist section with the plan being to build that next.

But then I looked at the clock and realized midnight would soon be upon me and decided to stop then rather than get caught up with more building and going to bed much too late.

More to come!

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  1. Evan says:

    Looks like a great kit Syd. I believe the pilot is a female though…

  2. Alberto from Italy says:

    Am I the only guy surprised to see the eye part moulded with a transparent green piece, instead of a simple transparent one? If the eyemask is carved on that green as I think, a good marker will be enough to get a nice result without using the sticker…

    This solution was already present in 1996’s HG Wing Gundam kits, thus I was surprised I had never found it in the MG line-up, where the plain transparent eyes were common.

    PS: I don’t remember the series very well, but the miniatures don’t look as if they all reproduce the pilot Christina MacKenzie (yes, she’s a girl…): the smallest one looks more like a miniature depicting little Alfred, but I really can’t tell who the third (sitting on nothing?!?) guy is…

    • Stephen says:

      Christina is the pilot. Alfred is indeed the littlest one, Bernard is the one sitting. The manual gives the names for the 3 miniatures in the painting guide.

      Transparent eyes are a bit better for painters, since it enables them to paint them any color they want. It is nice to see that it’s moulded in clear green though.

    • Aye. Bernard Wiseman, pilot of the “rival” suit (Zaku Kai). Wish they also released that as an MG, but it seems the RE 1/100 is good enough.

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