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The release of an RG Crossbone X1 caught most of us off guard and came on the heels of two monster Real Grades, the RG Sazabi and the RG FA Unicorn. Those were two amazing and huge kits, and by contrast a Crossbone following on their heels seems anticlimactic. That said, Bandai has proved they can put some good things in their small packages. Is the RG Crossbone X1 one of those things?

Overall Look: 9/10

I admit I’m a fan of the Crossbone X1. Who doesn’t like a pirate-themed robot? Much of my appreciation for it comes from the MG Crossbone X1 Ver Ka kit. The proportions and look of Katoki’s image made an impression on me and the Real Grade version continues that though, to be fair, the impression is a little smaller much like the kit itself.

I’ll get this out of they way and say that this is one small Real Grade kit which makes it quite unique if also a little difficult to work on. For kicks and giggles I put him up against the RG that is now my favourite.

Look at those two together. Reminds me of people I’ve seen before.

This is all kinds of fun so let me come back to the size jokes later.

Bandai has done a good job with this kit given its size. Proportions are great and they managed to get good detail in the 1/144 RG scale skull that sits atop its forehead.

I’m also glad to see the detail in what is likely my most favourite Core Fighter.

I shouldn’t be surprised given the excellent job Bandai did on the RG Skrygrasper.
Despite the size of this smaller MS Bandai seems to have hit all the RG notes here. Except for maybe one.

Colors: 8/10

Is it me or with this RG we aren’t getting the two-toned colour armour treatment?

Blue is one blue and the white is one white. Perhaps it’s me feeling spoiled but I’ve come to expect some colour tones with my RG releases. That said, I do like that blue colour and the yellow and red break up the white that is the rest of the body.

Weapons: 9/10

That’s it? Well, there is a bit more than that but I’ll focus on the two pistols (?) in this section.

First up, the Buster Gun.

There it is. It’s worth noting you can pull off the attachment at the end of the barrel but the part is so small I prefer to keep it on there for fear of losing it. There’s also a little peg found on one side.

This fits into the hole found on the side skirt.

In this case, the Buster Gun goes on Crossbone’s right side.

The other weapons, the Beam Zamber also has this function.

Crossbone is packing!

If you wish to use both at the same time but don’t want to dual-wield there is a solution. The Zam Buster! Take the two.

Then adjust them slightly.

Now join them together.

That’s quite cool.

I did find, however, that the design of the handle combined with the design of Crossbone’s wrist meant he had to hold that weapon like this.

That looks a little strange and I think Bandai hides this by using a specific pose and camera angle for the promo images.

Let me see if I can replicate that.

There’s more to write about when it comes to the wrist/hand design but I’ll leave that for the build design section and end this section with the world’s smallest 1/144 Beam Saber handles*.

(*description of handle size may not be accurate)

Articulation: 7/10

I’m used to seeing more movement in an RG kit so I was a little surprised at the lack of movement in the Crossbone. I think much of that comes from the design of the ankles.

That large wrap around ankle armour does seem to inhibit movement at the ankle both forward/backward and laterally.

I did try to bend the knee more when posing for images for this section and did get this far.

He wasn’t able to stand like that, however. I did get this, though.

At least he is somewhat stable here and not relying on the Core Fighter wings to hold him up.

Definitely get a stand for this guy and his action shots.

Build Design: 9/10

RG kits are impressive when it comes to design and engineering and much of that will be found in the RG B Frame runner. There is some debate now about that runner and if it is what makes an RG. My personal feeling is that they used that new technology when launching and promoting the line and it is a big part of it. That said, they’ve moved away from it with many of the recent kits, and it started even before then back with the RG Exia launch. I guess there’s only so much you can do with that kind of frame and shoehorning it into MS where it doesn’t quite work means Bandai would have to give up in other areas such as details or articulation. Still, as far as RG runners go the Crossbone’s is quite minimal.

I found the design of the Core Fighter to be one of the better aspects of the kit. It’s small, looks great, and of course fully functional. Just fold it up.

And plug it into the hollow on the back of Mr. X1.

Yes, it adds weight but those stiff ankles can hold it well.

The thrusters on the bottom of each Core Fighter wing also move.

Despite its tiny size the Crossbone has an opening cockpit hatch.

And also an adjustable facemask.

Perhaps the biggest area of frustration with this kit isn’t that big at all. The little flaps on the back of the ankles move too easily.

The hands are also a unique design and feature a tab that will slot into the handle of the weapons. Sure, that’s not new but what is here is where that tab is found. It’s part of the armour piece that fits on top of the hand frame part. That slot drives down through the frame not only joining the hand frame and armour parts together but holding the weapons securely.

You’ve also got a little knife handle that pops out of the back of the leg.

Use that for the world’s tiniest knife blades.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll prefer to use the knife in the most impractical way possible. Sticking out the bottom of your foot.


Crossbone can stand like this so be as impractical as you want.

And speaking of odd uses for weapons check out what you can do with the front skirts.

You can remove them.

Then you can take the extra parts Bandai provides and make them into… something else?

Just flip the white parts around.

Crotch claw!


That’s just goofy.

The forearms also adjust so you can use certain effect parts.

Once you have that base on you can add the tiny pointy part.

Or the shield.

Reminds me of something.

While we are mentioning effect parts I will show my favourite one.


Fun Factor: 9/10

It’s quite a shift moving from RG Sazabis and FA Unicorns back to a small-box RG with an even smaller RG inside. It’s a much faster build but you’re also working with many smaller pieces so there are times you may find yourself having to use tweezers to hold or move things around. I can’t say the assembly phase was more ‘fun’ than other RGs and it was certainly less so than the stellar RG kits of late. The parts are smaller and the area you’re working on is as well so you may find you’ll need to use your tools more.

It was after I’d assembled it that I started to enjoy it more.

Extras: 10/10

Tonnes of markings, as per usual.

Ridiculously small pilot figure (pirate figure?)

All those effect parts I’ve mentioned before.

You’ll also find yourself with extra leg armour parts for some reason.

But here’s the star of the Extra show.

The Anti-Beam Coating Mantle. (It’s a cloak.)

Plug the four large parts onto the main piece and you’ve got this.

Prepare your Crossbone by positioning the Core Fighter wings downwards.

And you’ll need to remove Crossbone’s head to get it on.

It plugs perfectly on around the torso’s contours.

No beams will coat me!

You can then raise the top two Core Fighter wings to make you’re X again.

I still find the size, or lack thereof, amusing.

“It’s okay, little buddy. You’re still an important member of the RG family.”

5 Responses so far.

  1. Nikko Tinio says:

    What an awesome looking RG. It more than exceeded my expectation as a part of the Gunpla Evolution Project. I kinda agree with the color separation though. Looks more like an HG when viewed in static poses

  2. DS_Sun says:

    Isn’t this the first RG to have forearm rotation?

  3. Jack Campbell says:

    Was it just me, or did anybody else have trouble with the shoulder joints?
    My right shoulder joint was not functional and broke after an hour. Maybe I cut it out too messily.

  4. JJ says:

    I think the lack of color separation in the whites could be to make printing pbandai variants easier? X-2 and X-3 should be expected

  5. Kris says:

    Guys, I see so many complaints on this kit. First of all this is not a recolor like green or Char’s Zaku, secodnly, this is I believe second kit having fully built inner frame (not counting chest).
    IMO fully built inner frame > B runner parts. Also, less B runner parts, more parts to build, more fun!
    For me definitely this kit shows off what Bandai is capable of now.

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