Gaijin Gunpla

This is rather ridiculous and embarrassing. I have been meaning to write the final WIP post for the 1/144 AT-AT for so long now that I forgot just how long. I always had another kit I was working on or writing about or both. Then I looked at the date of the last WIP post for this kit.

September 9, 2017

Well, as the two-year anniversary approaches let me get this done so I am not shamed any further. I really don’t recall a lot of this build but as always I have a lot of pictures that can tell the story.

So, here it is. The photo dump. In gallery form to save space!

Although the build isn’t fresh in my mind how I felt once I’d completed it is. It looks so good and it made me feel I was 6 years old again, sitting in the local theater, gawking at these huge machines stomping the rebels into dust. So good.

I tried to do the kit justice with the final images. Here they are.


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