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So what exactly is the NT-1 Ver 2.0 Alex? Well, I’ve built it and I’m still not sure what it is. It is pretty cool though. Allow me to talk out loud (write out loud?) while I put my thoughts together and at the end, hopefully, we all will have a better understanding.

Overall Look: 10/10

I think of the Alex 2.0 as this kit. It’s the simple yet appealing. Bandai did certain things with the design of the kit which make it more than what we normally consider a grunt suit. I’m talking about the choice to leave gaps in armour panels as found in areas such as the legs.

The use of more than one part in certain areas to give a deeper look such as the lower arm.

And a head that reminds me of the GP-01s.

Or, for others, this may be the Alex 2.0 they like.

I like this look as well because it makes it look even more machine like. The inner frame walls allow you to see most of the normal Alex but still give it more bulk. It’s a look I don’t recall seeing before and each area of the kit is covered in a specific way.

Or, there may be some who prefer the Alex like this. With the Chobam Armor in place.

I am not one of those people. I find this bulky and unattractive. It really looks like this version of the Alex isn’t really meant to do much of anything. He’s just so big.

Yes, Fat Alex, I’m talking about you. The Chobam Armor also makes that beautiful head look angry.

I don’t think it’s acceptable to judge him if he’s in hybrid form.

Colors: 9/10

Plain Jane Alex has got it. The simple, proven colour scheme holds up with the colour broken up thanks to the previously mentioned decision to make areas have gaps between the panels showing frame below.

Caged Alex looks good too thanks to the inner walls, though all one colour, being open enough to see the Alex’s colours underneath.

Fat Alex, though, not only is he bulky and but he’s all one colour making him look flat. Fat and Flat Alex.

Weapons: 9/10

Alex 2.0 comes with his Beam Rifle, Bazooka, and shield.

The rifle is gripped well thanks to the extra hand parts.

The rifle does seem a little long and I found the butt of it running up against his arm meaning you’ll need to position it to the inside or outside of his bicep.

The shield is probably the coolest of the three.

It features a gimmick where the shield panels separate revealing what’s underneath.

It clips onto the blue armour part on Alex’s lower arm.

You can also use the Beam Saber gripping hand to hold the bar on the bottom of the shield.

Opening up the shield and the arm gimmick allows the hidden gun to fire out the shield.

With it open you can appreciate more how the shield attaches to the arm.

This is my favourite look for the Alex 2.0

The bazooka is basically that from the RX-78-2 2 ver 2.0 kits with a few new parts thrown in. Just put the gripping hand on the tilting handle and you’re all set.

It’s shape is perfect for sitting on the shoulder when resting.


You can also flip the little peg on the side and plug that in to the the back of the waist to store it.

Simple Alex is loaded!

Prepare to fire!

You also get two Beam Sabres.

Normally, I don’t use the Sabres too much but with the Alex’s look and articulation I enjoyed them much more this time.

When not in use just plug them into the backpack.

Articulation: 9/10

The Alex 2.0 features some good design and articulation particularly in the lower body. When you bend the knee you’ll see a section on the back of the leg drop down into the leg creating more space for the leg to fold.

The feet also fold more than we usually see in MG kits.

The skirt design is such that the front skirts can move sideways if they need to, he bends forward at the waist well, and the shoulders can swivel forwards to make gripping weapons easier. However, the upper torso armour is solid and so there is no movement of the shoulder joint upwards which means you’ll only get so far raising his hands above his head.

With the Inner Walls on you’ll still get most of the range of movement, but don’t expect much of anything when the Chobam Armor is on.

Build Design: 9/10

Bandai did what they do with 2.0 kits and made the Alex look and function better and included gimmicks such as the shield design and the hidden forearm guns.

Cockit hatch is what we’d expect.

If it was only plain Jane Alex 2.0 this kit would be great as a small-box MG but Bandai upped their game with this kit with the inclusion of Steps 2 and 3, the Armor Inner Walls and Chobam Armor respectively.

Inner Walls

The Inner walls clip on around the Alex easily and efficiently and provide a unique look. It’s a win.

Chobam Armor

The Chobam Armor doesn’t fit on as easily as the Inner Walls did but still works well and allows gimmicks like the forearm guns and cockpit hatch to still function.

There is also a function built into the knee which has an armour piece slide up or down to cover/expose the yellow part found there.

And flaps found in various areas like the shoulders and legs.

I need to note that it’s not as simple to remove the Chobam Armor. It should be handled carefully when removing so that you don’t bend or stress the inner frame wall and there are two problem areas I need to mention. The first is the backpack. Once the Chobam Armor parts are clipped on at the top they are very difficult to remove and after trying for a bit I gave up. I didn’t want to risk breaking the thin Inner Wall plastic underneath.

The other area where care is needed is when removing the Chobam Armor from the torso. It is difficult to remove it without also pulling off the Inner Wall and if you pull too hard at the wrong angle it could result in the Inner Wall part snapping which is what happened to me.

Regardless of which Step you’re working with the hands function very well. Yes, it is a finger part swapping design but depending on the hand and its function the design of the swap is different.

You can see from that image that the gripping hands will slot on from the front while the open hands will do so from the side.

Fun Factor: 9/10

I had a lot of fun building this kit but a lot of that is because I took a different approach and played around back and forth and back again between the three stages and that’s what this kit gives you; the opportunity to build and play and build again.

That said, I find most of my enjoyment with this kit is found in the simplicity and great functionality of the normal Alex rather than the later steps.

Extras: 9/10

You get more than enough stickers for the Alex.

And two more pilot figures.

The mystery of who is who is solved!

Extra hands.

And a second V fin, this one featuring damage.

It’s a little thing but it’s nice to have.

Of course, you’ve got the Action Base adaptor but you’ll also find yourself with an extra one of these.

And the extra parts from the RX-78-2 bazooka are nice to have if you can use them.

Overall this kit is one that stands out to me above the other MG releases over the past year. I think I’ll enjoy this one for some time to come.

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  1. GN republix says:

    Hi, Syd, very nice review, and better light

  2. joshua wiley says:

    This is making me want to buy this kit really bad!!! It looks so good!!!! Im not a huge fan of the armor but the actual kit is so good!!!! Everything about this kit is so good!!!ughhh if only i wasn’t in university

  3. Luis says:

    Hi Syd. Those your Alex 2.0 hands seem breakable to you? Mine broke while building the innerframe. And I was wondering if its a common thing to other people.

  4. Luis says:

    Oh and love your other reviews. Super helpful when I’m curious about a kit.

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