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Remember when you were a very young kid and Christmas time was approaching. You would want a very specific thing from Santa and you would line up in the shopping malls to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you wanted. You would write letters to him, most likely containing several spelling errors, and your and/or dad would drive you to the post box so you could send it off to the North Pole.

And then you would wait.

And the waiting was agony.

And finally the Christmas came and you would run downstairs, grab the biggest present that had your name on it, rip it open and, if you were lucky, see that it was what you’d been wishing for all year.

Santa Claus came through. He was your hero for another year.

Bandai is my hero this year.

I have wanted an RG Nu Gundam for a long time now. I’m not sure when that desire originally took hold but over the last couple of years I’ve been mentioning it. I recall mentioning it on a podcast I appeared two years ago this month. When the RG Sinanju released it showed that Bandai wasn’t confined to small scale MS in the RG line. Thus when the RG Sazabi came out I thought it only be a matter of time. There was no way they wouldn’t do the Nu after doing the red giant.

RG Nu Gundam was announced in April and I was all on board. I was so excited for this past weekend’s release date that I wrote about it again!

And here it is! The RG Nu Gundam or, a seen on some sites, the RG 1/144 ν GUNDAM.

I was slightly surprised to see it was a big box kit. Sinanju came as a fatter standard RG size box but apparently that’s not good enough for the Nu.

Bandai has shown their willing to do the big stuff. Ironically, the RG Crossbone X1 looks even smaller between the Sazabi, RG FA Unicorn, and now the Nu Gundam.

I feel a little bit of Deja Vu. It’s like looking at the MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka all over again.

You can easily recognize the distinctive, and very sexy, Nu shield.

Here’s the bag with the A and B runners.

Speaking of the B runner, here it is.

There’s been some debate over the past few RG releases about what exactly an RG kits is. For myself, RG have come with the premolded inner frame onto which very detailed, multi toned armour is applied. Recent releases have done away with the inner frame to focus more on proportions and details. Of course, the kits are beautiful but does that mean that Bandai abandoned the idea of what was a big part of an RG release early on? Or, was that never meant to be a big focus of the releases. If memory serves me correctly, the RG inner frame was used in every release up until the RG Qan[T], release number 21. At that point Bandai elected not to use the B frame arm parts and went with extra frame parts on runners. Following the Qan[T] was the Sinanju and though it did come with the same B frame runner as the Mk II kits there were a lot of extra frame parts included to build that frame up into a size which would support the Sinanju. Maybe it was at that time that Bandai decided that, if they wanted to continue with the bigger, heavier or more obscure MS, that they would have to change how much of the B frame was necessary. We’ve had an RG Unicorn, a Tallgeese EW, Sazabi and Crossbone and each time there seems to be less stuff on the B frame runner.

The B frame parts for the Nu kit are clearly only for the Fin Funnels meaning the entire inner frame for the Nu will be made up of parts. I’m not disappointed at that prospect as I’m pretty sure this kit will be amazing to look at and to build but there is a little bit of sadness felt at recognizing that maybe the inner B frame is a thing of the past.

Speaking of Fin Funnels.

Prepare the assembly line.

So now we’ve accepted that there will be lots of frame parts, here are some of them.

And of course I’ll show the sticker sheet.

I see lots of the metallic foils which is also something that was a feature from the first RG kits.

Colour of the K runner is darker than the other white C runner.

A whole lotta yellow.

Holy inserts, Batman!

Even when I lived in Japan I didn’t pay much attention to these.

I did the P-Bandai stuff though.

Of course there’s a Double Fin Funnel set. There is so a lot of interesting stuff on P-Bandai’s store now but I really only look at the RGs these days. Having to ship internationally rules me out of some of the bigger kits.

And the manual.

I do love the Nu Gundam head.

Runner list.

I’m not seeing many X’s on there.

This thing will be beautiful when it’s all done and stickered up.

Guess I should start now!

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  1. GN republix says:

    Syd, this kit looks awesome, wonder if the WIP can be more detailed?

  2. Alberto from Italy says:

    You know, Syd, after all the abandoning of the pre-moulded frames already happened in the MG line. Do you remember the MG 1.5 RX78/2? Well, that old kit, which didn’t even enjoy a full movement gimmick in the shoulders (forward/back, I mean), had got two pre-moulded inside frames for the legs, and those frames worked quite well in that old time (year 2000).

    But those pre-molulded frames were soon abandoned, and I can’t remember kits enjoying anything similar, besides those using leftovers from the 1.5 kit (Shin Musha, for example).

    The same is happening here, I guess. But I guess there’s another thing that should not be forgotten. Well, it is childish, stupid, call it as you like, but… I enjoy myself much more when I have to build things piece by piece than when I have a fully pre-moulded frame ready to work around.

    Yeah, as I said it is childish: the most important thing is always the way the final result turns out and works. But I guess I’m not the only guy here around, and Bandai knows this well, in my opinion…

    Apart this little consideration, the RX93 looks great: awaiting to reading the review, in order to see if it can match the Sazabi’s top score!

  3. Michael says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that the Amuro A-stand is a part of P-bandai set.

  4. Jason says:

    The million dollar question is how well do the funnels hold together on it’s back.

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