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After taking the pictures for the First Look post, without knowing how much time I would have, I nonetheless started on the RG Nu Gundam right away. I am so excited for this kit I’ll build it in 10 minute segments if that’s all I can manage for myself while sleep training an 8 month old.

In related news, Ugh.

RG Nu starts with those sexy legs.

I think the Nu Gundam has some of the sexiest legs in all of Gundamdom and for them I need this runner.

The first two parts off of that runner are these.

One part slides into the other.

Giving you this.

That then is place into the dark blue armour piece that is the heel of the Nu’s foot.

These are the parts for the right ankle

You’ll need stickers.

Now that’s some of the RG feeling I remember.

Insert that ankle joint into the heel section.

You’ll then add small frame parts to make up the front of the foot.

Drop that onto the sole of the foot and add the top armour at the same time.

Next you’ll add the white armour part at the top, the yellow piece at the toe, and the Vernier on the bottom of the foot.

Behold the foot!

Now for the right leg which starts with these frame parts.

Hip joint is assembled next.

The hip joint is placed inside one of the frame parts for the upper leg while the knee section you assembled just beforehand fits in at the bottom. Onto that knee frame you’ll add a piece which will house pistons.

Larger frame parts are required for the next step. Onto one of them you’ll add a small part.

You’ll also plug the pistons into the housing at this stage.

You’re not instructed to do the next part, but I knew I would be doing it at the end of the build when the markings were applied.

Yup, knee foil stickers. Line those up just right.

To more frame parts are sandwiched around the small piece jutting out of the end of your assembled leg frame.

Onto this contraption built so far we add the frame for the lower legs. But first, these two parts are joined.

This will sit in the bottom of the lower leg frame and used to connect the foot peg.

You can see how this is meant to move to give the ankle more articulation.

Next the yellow goes on, one part at the front and one on either side.

And then we finally get around to some armour.

I’ll put the armour parts side by side so we can see the colour difference.

Are there two colours here, or three?

And before the armour goes on the lower leg there is a sticker that needs to be applied to each side.

One the armour is on you can add the thruster that fits on the back of the leg.

Bend the knee so you can attach the kneecap.

You’ll need to push it into place firmly so every edge fits into its proper place.

Final lower leg armour plus the armour for the back of the leg go on at this time.

The part for the front of the lower leg attaches at one point.

Looks great but we are still not done.

Time for blue.

Have to remove the undergates on these parts.

Larger parts go on from the side whereas the smaller parts slide in from the front.

Finally I can attach the foot I constructed all the way back at the beginning of the session.

That’s one leg done. I’ll prep for the next one.

Here is where I ended up as my available time was used up.

That’s pretty good progress, all things considered.

I consider this a set of sexy RG legs.

As I was packing away the model I noticed that construction of both legs used up the largest frame runner.

That was a lot of parts.

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  1. Anon says:

    Nice to see that they made it so that the instructions tell you to build the frame for the whole leg first rather than frame + armor per section before moving on to the next. Should be easier for newbies to build the whole frame first before putting the armor on.

    Also, nice legs lol

  2. Alberto froom Italy says:

    … There’s a working piston in the leg! In an RG! I’m lovibg these small new features in thebline, so MG-ish.

    Yeah, RGs are becoming small MGs little by little, kit after kit: I must say I do like this, really.

  3. Ray says:

    Sleep training isn’t fun, but stick with it, it’ll work out in the end. How are you neighbours? mine were thankfully very considerate when we did sleep training.

    This might have to be my 2nd RG kit, but we’ll see, looks awesome so far!

  4. Sablenk87 says:

    Wow, that’s a full leg frame, something that we only get with MG or PG. So far we only get it in Sazabi. Boy, those frames are beautifully crafted with details. Even recent MG lacks those details.

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