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I somehow managed to get a good chunk of free time to myself during the first session of the build for the RG Nu Gundam and I hoped for more of the same when I sat down for session number two.

There is likely a difference of opinion between what I consider a chunk of free time to myself and what my SO considers my free time. It’s always a balancing act.

After the leg assembly the manual moves on to the waist and here’s what you will use to begin that.

In what may be a first, you are placing stickers on the small moving hip connector parts in the waist unit.


Two stickers go on each part.

Here is the view from the outside.

You’d have to be looking pretty intently to notice that sticker in that place.

Before closing up the main waist frame unit you have a couple of smaller parts to lay in.

Close it up and notice how those moving hip connectors seem to have a lock now.

While I never really look to use the moving hip connectors on MG kits it’s good to see that Bandai are looking to improve that design for those people who do.

Set that aside for a moment and grab these parts.

This will fit onto the main waist frame.

It definitely looks like there will be a lot of moving parts in the waist and the manual shows it.

Here is what the waist frame looks like once assembled.

Now to add the skirts and center blocks and emblems.

You’ll need this very small piece.

That is small.

It slots into the red part.

The red part in turn snaps onto a bar on the lower part of the waist frame and can be tilted.

On the back you’ll two of the whitish armour parts.

You’re then building the rear skirts first. That seems new.

Once assembled they slide onto the large post sticking out of the main frame.

Much more secure than some of the skirt connections we had on previous RG kits.

Front skirts involve placing a moving part between the frame and outer armour.

These then snap onto ball joints.

Which leaves only the side skirts to build and snap onto the remaining ball joints.

Attach the legs first.

Oh. How did that happen? I’ve got a half and half build going on.

I felt that there were so many moving parts in the leg build that I wanted to see them in action a little before covering them up. So let’s see how half and half I can go on Nu’s sexy torso.

Quite a few frame parts are involved here as well.

Once that frame section is built slide on the white armour.

All that for only the lowest part of the torso, just above the waist.

Move onto these parts.

Lay in the smaller parts before closing everything up.

You’ll join together what you’ve got so using the frame parts for both the front and rear of the torso.

The front and back parts join together through the upper and lower torso frames meaning this guy will pivot in the middle. Oooh.

Add the neck.

Then make your two shoulder joints each comprised of three moving parts.

Plug those on and swing them into place.

Now a white part goes on underneath the bulk of the torso while a blue part plugs in just under the arm.

Then add two parts to cover up the top of one side.

In the gap you’ll plug in a small piece. The piece for each side is different.

You’ll have to wait for me to armour that side to see the other part.

Once those parts are on you swing up the lower portion of the torso.

And add a very small blue part to fit in under the yellow vent.

Then finish it off with the cockpit hatch.

Lay the red part into the white part then cover it with the large blue piece.

Snap it onto the hinge.

Then close it up and plug that onto your lower body.

So far it is looking pretty amazing.

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    When a 1/144 kit has a better frame than the Pg 00…

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