Gaijin Gunpla

My RG Nu Gundam is a half-built, half-armoured construct that feels less than half finished. I guess that’s easy to think when you’ve only got a lower body and a torso.

My thinking will change once I complete this next state, the arms.

The elbow frame starts with these parts.

The part at the center needs a small sticker placed inside it’s recessed area.

That was more difficult than I thought it would be. The area is small and the sticker oddly shaped. I got there in the end.

Place the upper arm/elbow frame you’ve got into the frame parts for the lower arm.

You’ll then add two pieces of armour to the upper arm. The first goes on from the front.

While the second goes on from above.

Assemble the shoulder joint.

Plug it in at the top and also add the armour pieces to the back and front of the forearm.

Now add a very small sticker to the shoulder joint.

Wonder how much we’ll see that once the shoulders are on.

Two more parts go on to finish up the right arm.

The left arm concludes differently which I’ll show in a moment. First I need a hand of some kind.

Before putting on your chosen hand add the blue cuff.

Here’s the frame for the left arm, without armour.


And here is how the back of the lower left arm goes together. Apply a large white piece.

Then assemble the beam saber handle gimmick that will sit inside there.

You’ll insert the handle in one side and move it down to secure it.

Add two parts to close it up.

And a little yellow part on the end.

This whole unit then plugs onto the back of the left arm.

Arms are still quite articulate with the armour on.

Now for some sexy shoulders.

You’ll join two frame part together and secure that connection with an armour part that goes on from above.

Then prepare the sides. Each has one armour part over a single frame piece.

You’ll attach a frame link part to the the frame.

The link then snaps into the main frame.

You can see how the sides can expand outward, for more movement, or snap in nice and tight.

Add a yellow piece and the final white part.

The shoulder will go on first and then the arm.

That is a sexy frame.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Paul Emical* says:

    Way to go, Syd! You’re speeding through it.

  2. Micha says:

    Got mine today, but have to wait for two weeks until I’ve moved to build it. I’ll continue to live vicariously through you until then

  3. Alberto from Italy says:

    Building up the shoulder frames solves one of the greatest troubles I’ve had with the pre-moulded frames: the fact that the half-ring shoulder connector to the frame gets loose easily, above all in early RG kits. In my RG RX178 Mark II AEUG kit, the left half ring shoulder connector even broke while just putting the shoulder armour on the frame.

    Instead we’ve got a full ring connector here, with is not likely to break or to get loose: that’s a really good point in favour of build-up inside frames for RG kits as well, in my humble opinion, of course.

  4. Charlz says:

    does the beam saber compartment a bit loose when you attached the shield?

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