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Is this the new type of RG, this RG Nu Gundam, that we can expect more of in the future. Perhaps we should hope so. So far I’ve built the Nu Gundam in such a way as to allow me to see what this frame is all about while at the same time admiring the proportions and looks of the armour.

Will it be the same with the head and backpack?

I’m about to find out.

Here are the only two clear parts in the entire kit. The small one was meant for the upper left torso, which is currently unarmoured, while the larger one is, of course, for the head. You’ll need to put on three different stickers. I did the smaller ones while the part was still on the runner.

Small red chin piece inserts into the back of the face mask while the green part inserts completely through the frame part.

I usually wait until I’ve got the eye piece into the frame, or even covered by the facemask, before putting on the sticker.

I find it’s easier to place it correctly that way.

Armour parts go on the front and sides next.

Prepare the yellow V fin with its small blue counterpart.

Drop the center part on from above and put on the V fin and there you go.

And yes, I could do it half/half.

When completing the full build I’ll need to just pull off the top part to put on the side armour piece.

It’s like I’m looking at an MG kit.

I decided before starting the backpack that I wasn’t going to attempt some kind of half/half build which makes sense considering there isn’t much frame in there. Start the backpack by adding the thrusters to their frame parts.

It is worth nothing that the thrusters can only go on if they line up correctly. This makes the details on the outside of all thrusters line up.

Place the frame part on which the thrusters are attached into its home and close it up.

Onto each of these you’ll add one small white part.

Next you’ll grab the main part of the backpack and inside it you’ll place a much smaller piece.

But that part needs some stickers applied first.

One on each edge. Once it’s stickered and laid in you prepare the thruster sections to go in. That is done by plugging in a blue armour part and then flipping it down.

Apply the pressure sideways as you tilt it down and it should slip into place.

Then add the armour parts for the side.

Now to deal with the top.

You’ll need to cut out two of these and remove the undergates.

Then each goes on one frame part inserted into a blue armour piece.

Set those aside and take a frame part, plug it into a yellow part which will then go in a blue part.

Insert the yellow/frame part and then rotate it at least 180 degrees.

Now you…

Oh, I see.

Now you decide if you’re building the regular Nu or the Double Fin Funnel version which is, of course, a Premium Bandai product.

I’m so tempted, though!

[Disclaimer: I am rather close to the Gentei Kits folks (which isn’t surprising given how small the foreign Gunpla population is in Japan) and I even built a custom MG Nu Gundam for them. I don’t get many P-Bandai kits now that I’m no longer in Japan but when I give in I usually give them a shout. So why not a shout-out here.]

One set of Fin Funnels is more than enough for me so the double set looks a little too crazy (and heavy). I do think that stand is the bomb, though.

But, Bandai, why did you make me assemble the parts necessary for the Double Fin Funnel set before telling me that’s what it’s for? I could have left those parts on the runner. First world Gunplar problems.

I’m single and loving it.

(This is me living vicariously through my RG Nu Gundam)

Before we put funnels of any amount on there, let’s check out the little backpack gimmick.



Nu Gundam sports cool looking weapons such as his Beam Rifle and Bazooka. The RG versions of these go together as follows.

Beam Rifle.

There is some nice detail here.

Drop on the blue top.

Once that’s done you will add a small yellow part and a small handle.

Simple yet sexy.


Grab your long barrel and slide on a handle piece.

Flip it over and add the two parts making up the Bazooka’s body.

Prepare the ammo canister.

Plug on the exhaust at the back when putting it on.

Now you can add the large blue parts to both sides.

Once those are in place you slide the handle up into its final spot.

Then add the blue part to the end of the barrel.

Barrel out.

Barrel in.

The large beam saber handle is made of three parts.

Plug it into that open spot found on the right side of the backpack.


This one is rather simple, which is just fine. Plug the red part onto the frame part and push that into the white body of the shield. You’ll add a small part to the end of the frame.

Attaching it to the arm of the Nu Gundam is done with two simple frame parts.

Swivel, baby.

And there we go!

Next up is the tour of the Fin Funnel Factory. Stay tuned.

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  1. I’ve always favored the asymmetrical look using only a single set of fin funnels, but d*mn do I want that stand. 😀

    Missed the preorder window on my local shop though so I’m just going to have to wait, I guess.

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