Gaijin Gunpla

And so it comes to this. If you’ve built any kind of Nu Gundam before then you’ve encountered this part of the build and usually it comes at the end.

We’ve discussed here before Weapons block, which is the term we came up with to describe the fatigue felt at the end of the long build and the slow down that happens when you’ve got the last things, usually the weapons, to put together.

Let me know introduce a new term, Fin Funnel Fatigue (trademarked 2019, Gaijin Gunpla)

Here I am again with the RG Nu Gundam and I’m about to enter the Fin Funnel Factory.

There is a difference this time, though. For the Fins on the RG Nu we’re provided this runner.

Six of these for my six fin funnels.

Each one is jointed in four places.

For now I’ll bend the joints closer to the middle for preparation for my Pac-Man Funnel shape. Can’t unsee!

I’ll need this runner.

Which provides me six of these.

And six of these.

All undergated. That’s a lot of gate snipping.

I’ll also need six of these.

Plug a blue part onto the B frame part and the smaller blue part onto the yellow part.

Six times.

Then join them together.

Six times.

Now for six of tehese.

And six of each of these.

You’ll lay one of each frame part into each blue piece.

Prepare the six yellow pieces.

I prepared my six white parts by cutting them out and removing the undergates.

Attach the middle section to the blue armour piece and lay a yellow part in to secure the connection.

Follow that up by closing it up using the white part.

Do that a total of, you guessed it, six times.

Six more blue parts, six yellow parts, and six more white parts are then used to complete the Fin Funnels at the other end.

Now that’s all done I have to join them all together.

I do that by folding out the frame parts on the right side of one of the Fins.

Then I’ll do the same for four more Fins but I’ll fold these in half.

Lay them out like so.

Join them together at the appropriate points.

Once connected they attach to one point on the top of the backpack.

Yup, he’s leaining. The manual seems to show that it connects at the far left Fin Funnel.

I prefer connecting at the second from left.

A little less lean this way.

To finish this off I’ll put on the rest of the armour. The only thing to really show is the small part that sits atop the left side of the torso. This involves the only other clear green part on the kit.

That drops into place from the top after you’ve got the rest of the armour on.

And we have these nice extra hands with the swivel at the base.

The rifle/bazooka hand is last and the connection for the two parts is rather deep ensuring a strong grip.


Next up, a review!

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  1. Alberto from Italy says:

    Surey you’ll say a lot about this in the review, Mr Syd, but can we know in advance if you’ve found any bad issue with the Fin Funnels, please? They seem to stay in place perfectly and this would be really great…

  2. Dev says:

    He looks gorgeous. Might be the best looking real grade of all time.

  3. harold says:

    Call me super-old, but the Nu always strikes me as being “unpure” because it deviates from the blue/red/white/yellow palette, going for that navy-ish blue. Not that it isn’t good looking, but unlike the Sazabi that is very true to its heritage, the Nu always seemed like a bit misplaced.

    This iteration also has a bit of an unicorn feel to it, which is fine but again deviates from the classic look. Oh well.

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