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This NT-1 Ver 2.0 Alex is turning out to be quite cool. I completed Step 1, the base MS and weapons and Step 2, the Inner Armor Walls and now I’m ready for Step 3, the Chobham Armor.

I’m going to use up all these parts!

To start step 3 you have to pull the Inner Armor Wall part off of the torso and then add some of the Chobham Armor to it.

Put it back in place before adding more parts.

Here is the big torso part that goes on next.

You can see how this will connect to the Armor Wall.

That is a tight fit.

Next add a small part for the upper part of the hatch.

Flip Alex 2.0 over and grab the two main Chobham parts for the backpack.

Once those are on add the smaller parts.

Those flaps snap into place which makes me think taking them back off, should I want the Inner Wall look again, may be difficult.

Once monster part slides onto Alex’s butt.

The front skirts are covered by one large panel.

However, you then add a smaller part to fit on the skirt at the top along with a small piece that drops in above the center block.

Now to the shoulders. Prepare two of these Armor panels by putting a flap into place.

Repeat for the parts for the opposite sides of the shoulders.

Before those go on add the three parts that cover the forearms.

Once the forearm is done add the shoulder panels which also include a larger flap that opens up at the end of the shoulder.

That’s the last step to complete the Chobham Armor for the upper body.

The legs start by placing a small piece onto the back of the knee.

It slides down a section of the Inner Wall found back there.

With that in place prepare the large armour section that fits on the outside of the leg. That involves putting on two hatches.

Before putting that on add the piece of armour that covers the shin.

Then you can slide on the two larger side panels.

You may have to squeeze tightly to get these all to fit together in place.

And that leaves the head.

That’s armoured simply by placing two small red parts into the Chobham Armor part that fits on the head from behind and then putting both that and the front part on.

Chobham Armor!

Of course I’ve only got half.

I have done the half-and-half now three times.



and 3.

I’m getting a lot of mileage/blog material out of this kit.

Next up is the review but don’t worry, it will be a whole one.

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