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One of the kits that stays with me and I look back fondly on is the MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka. It changed the game in many ways for MG kits and was really spectacular though had a few areas that let some people down such as the Fin Funnels. The RG Nu Gundam does look and feel much like that MG kit but does it fix issues the MG had? Does it take the Nu Gundam and, at the same time, the RG line to another level much like the MG did? The RG line already hit new heights when they pulled off a transforming, psycho-frame-including RG Unicorn and may have already reached perfection with the RG Sazabi so the pressure is on.

Overall Look: 10/10

With the MG kit I preferred the the look of the Nu Gundam without the Fin Funnels. I could appreciate the stunning, rugged looks of the Mobile Suit while not being distracted by Fin Funnels that weren’t performing as most everyone thought they should.

The RG version looks just as good as the MG Ver Ka and has some excellent details along its nice proportions. Areas that impress are the legs with their multi coloured panels broken up along their length.

It has one of the best heads among the Gundams and on the smaller 1/144 scale there are still plenty of details.

The shoulders function differently than their MG counterparts, which we will get to shortly, and have a different look as well.

Despite the change in design they look great and function very well. They are also the best example of a design you’ll see in various areas of the Nu. Small sections of frame sticking out from the armour. In the case of the shoulders there are two of these on each shoulder.

But what’s different for me between the MG Nu Ver Ka and the RG Nu when it comes to looks? I prefer the RG to have its Fin Funnels on.

Yes, the RG Nu can carry that large attachment and look great doing so.

Really, really great.

Colors: 10/10

The MG Nu had two tones for most of its colours, something that made it stand out in the MG line and likely took its inspiration from the RG line which is known for its multi tonal colours. Some of the recent RG kits haven’t offered this multi tone colour feature but I am happy to report it returns here and is stunning.

What the RG has that the MG did not is the RG Realistic Stickers with their metallic foil look which can be found on almost all joints. The knees, elbows, shoulders all have them and you’ll even find them in areas you don’t expect like in the connecting sockets on the waist frame. That’s some added colour detail right there.

Weapons: 9/10

Nu’s weapons are represented well here and have some good details despite the smaller scale.

You’re given a rifle-grabbing right hand specifically for the Beam Rifle.

But I opted to use the other gripping hand which had a pivoting wrist peg.

The rifle also has no problem in the forearm/elbow area so you won’t have to have your Nu holding it at awkward angles.

There is also a little tab that flips out of the side of the rifle.

If you pull down the lower armour part from the center of the rear of the waist you can mount it there.

The Bazooka features a barrel that elongates or contracts and can also do what the Rifle can.

Using that tilting wrist joint hand and Nu will have no problem pointing it at whatever it wants to destroy.

You can store the Bazooka behind the Nu with the same kind of tab design as the rifle.

The spot for that tab is found in the very center of the backpack which means you may want to remove the Fin Funnels to make mounting it easier.

I’m happy to report you can store both the Rifle and Bazooka behind the Nu at the same time.

The shield looks like it is meant to connect to the left forearm only with the attachment designed to slot into areas on the sides of the Sabre storage area.

Things get… interesting here because it seems like the shield can’t be positioned at an angle we are used to seeing.

In order to get the shield around to the front of the Gundam I had to rotate the arm a lot.

I really dislike how unnatural that looks.

It really, really bugs me.

Sure it’s a robot and can do all those kinds of things but because you design your robots to look like humans, an unnatural movement or pose stands out.

It never looked natural to me and I realized I couldn’t find an image in the manual of a natural pose. They did have action shots with it, however.

The Nu Gundam has one very large Beam blade handle which is stored on the right side of the backpack.

When in use the tab in the grabbing hand slots into the recess in the handle and the grip is strong.

The handle can take both the large and much smaller beam blades at the same time.

The smaller Beam Saber handle stored in the rear of the left forearm can come out by pulling up on the unit and swinging the handle outwards.

The Nu Gundam has options when it comes to weapons.

Articulation: 10/10

Bandai designed this kit without the B frame we find in most older RGs and instead gave us an entire frame made up of small parts meaning there is a lot of movement in there.

The head can tilt up significantly and also rotate fully.

Wrists tilt slightly helping to position weapons much better.

The elbow has a lot of bend as well.

Articulation of the shoulder joint is very good allowing the Nu to stretch his arm almost completely vertically.

The joints can also swing forwards away from the torso making grabbing something directly in front with both hands possible.

The panels on the shoulder units also can tilt upwards independently allowing more motion of the arm without that awkward shoulder upside down look. I’ll show this in the next session.

The range of motion in the knee is very good and the armour panels move as the leg bends.

And thanks to a nicely designed torso frame Nu can tilt forwards or back a lot!


A lot of work went into the engineering of this frame to give it more in the way of positioning compared to other RG and even MG kits.

I’ll elaborate on this next.

Build Design: 10/10

Bandai’s RG designs have been evolving from the pre-moulded working inner frame found on the very first kit to using more and more frame parts in their releases and that evolution is complete in the RG Nu Gundam. Their previous Real Grade of an MS this size, the Sinanju involved taking the B frame used in the Mk-II RGs and adding extra frame parts so that it could be used in the much larger MS. While that idea was quite interesting at the time the results were hit or miss. The RG Nu Gundam doesn’t use the pre-moulded RG B frame runner, except for the Fin Funnels, and instead gives you a whole new frame designed just for this big bad boy. This made it feel that I was building and MG kit rather than an RG. The result is an MG type of frame with RG styling making for an impressive 1/144 scale model.

This whole new frame resulted in the impressive articulation noted above, such as the multi jointed inner torso frame and also things like working pistons in the knees.

When the knee is bent it actually pushes the part of the lower leg frame with the thruster attached downwards exposing the thruster more.

The armour around the leg also move, separating from each other more as the leg bends.

The ankle design allows a lot of movement down there but you may find that sometimes it doesn’t seem like the lower leg armour panels line up properly after you’ve been playing with the feet a bit.

Just hold the leg and move the foot/ankle around to get that back in the original position.

The sides of the leg also feature a gimmick with the smaller of the blue armour parts moving out showing some frame underneath.

As mentioned earlier the shoulder feature panels that separate from the main section and swing upwards while also having the end piece move outwards as part of a transformation.

The torso also features small panels around the vents that will slide forward showing a little frame below.

While you’re doing that you also swing down the lower armour on the sides exposing more frame.

And the cockpit door can open or the whole center hatch swing out.

The waist and skirts are quite interesting. The front skirts have a second armour piece, layered below the main one, which can slide downward.

Am I correct in thinking this could be for some kind of HWS expansion?

The design of the waist frame is complex and maybe a little too much. Even the manual can be a little confusing.

They’ve designed a lock in the frame to hold the hip sockets in place.

When you unlock it you can move either or both of the hip sockets.

You can then lock them in place there.

The armour in the rear center also moves.

And once moved you can completely reposition the upper frame part (the part to which the skirts connect.

Now why you would want to do that, I’m not sure.

The backpack thrusters can tilt causing more frame to be visible.

Now to address the one area where the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka fell over. Or fell apart, rather.

The Fin Funnels.

They didn’t work well at all on that Nu and that was the biggest complaint for that kit. I also was not content with that design and modified it in order to get them to work.

For the Real Grade, Bandai redesigned how they connect using different frame parts inserted between the long Fin Funnel panels and the result are funnels that stay together and won’t fall apart at the slightest touch.

The use of the RG frame here with all the jointings needed pre-moulded with that stiffer plastic means that the RG Nu’s funnels will fold over or into their ‘C’ shape and stay there.

This does make the Funnels weight considerable and you will see it affect the balance of the kit after attaching them.

Much of that weight will be put upon the left leg.

But thanks to a well-designed frame the kit takes the weight well and when positioned nicely won’t look like it’s leaning to one side. Instead it just looks good.

Aside from the Fin Funnels, the big complaint I had with the MG Nu Ka was the switch to the new material for the frame plastic. This new material is softer and resulted in a frame that felt too light to support such a big MS along with its heavy Fin Funnels. With the RG that issue isn’t a problem. The frame is solid all around.

Fun Factor: 10/10

So far, for me, much of the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of Real Grade kits was seeing what Bandai did with their B frame engineering. The Nu Gundam takes that away and while I initially thought I would be disappointed it turned out to be the opposite scenario. The decision to do away with the B frame for the MS resulted in a brand new build with new ideas and new parts. This made the project fresh from start to finish. Once the build is complete the fun begins anew when you get to test what this kit can do and push the Fin Funneling Nu to its limits.

Or simply admire its badass-ness.


Extras: 10/10

There is so much in the big box already but Bandai throws in some nice extras which you should make use of.

The stand adaptor is unique to the Nu and attaches before the backpack goes on so that much of it is not seen.

You’re also given the extra parts should you decide to pull the trigger on the Double Fin Funnel set (tempting because I want that stand!).

Pilot figure is in there as well.

And plenty of hands all of which you should use.

Then you’ve got that large sticker sheet.

Not only does it have the markings unique to the Nu Gundam but it includes plenty of warning/caution stickers to break up the mostly white body and also add some details to the Funnels. And it’s got those silver stickers which go on the joints of the Nu giving it an even more detailed look.

I suppose some people will be upset that nothing was included to use with the Fin Funnels but Bandai have tipped their hand as to why with the announcement of the RG Nu Gundam Fin Funnel Effect Set which looks to have the kit and all the extra stuff to display the Funnels in action. Can’t wait for Christmas!

The details are in the details with this new type of Nu Gundam!

Indulge me by looking at more of the 131 pictures I took for this review!

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  1. Sablenk87 says:

    Big kit, such design, much details, WOW.
    No need to upset with Nu effect bundle set. Just buy 2 Figure-rise jet effect and action base 4. It’s the same set and also exactly same price.
    Plus you can choose colour of jet effect part, which is according to anime the jet on Nu fin funnels is blue, not yellow. Yellow jet is for Sazabi’s Funnels.

  2. MiuMiuMiu says:

    I am a bit disappointed you didnt give it a 100%. I have no problems with the shield because it was designed that way and was close to the original. Also, if you try and do some dynamic pose with it. You can see that wont look as weird as you think. I actually like it that the shield is this way.

    • Nibras says:

      I disagree. It is way too far from the arm! It is hanging almost a full centimeter away, which makes for some very, very awkward poses. U honestly prefer it off most of the time. If the attachment piece was attached a bit higher on the shield (closer to the top), it would have looked better, and if it just attached to the arm rather than being able to tilt side to side around the forearm, it would have made for some much nicer poses, especially on a stand with the double fin funnel effect set.

  3. MiuMiu says:

    I am a bit disappointed you didnt give it a 100%. I have no problems with the shield because it was designed that way and was close to the original. Also, if you try and do some dynamic pose with it. You can see that wont look as weird as you think. I actually like it that the shield is this way.

    • ThatBlueZaku says:

      That’s not a valid defense, plenty of the 80’s Gundam designs had that odd back of the hand shield mount requiring the infamous gorilla arm look but modern Gunpla designs have either changed that to a mount on the side of the arm or given the option for both areas, Nu Ver Ka had the half measure of the joint on the shield that never quite looked right which was reused for this RG rather than fixing it, the designers felt the need to randomly reallllly mess with the v-fin design and head proportions instead of the shield mount that’s really baffling to me, who was asking for the Nu to have a more generic head?

  4. SirDoctor says:

    Thanks for the review Syd! I was surprised this wasn’t a perfect 100. Is it the shield that prevents the weapons from reaching a 10?

  5. GN republix says:

    Hey Syd, wonder what new camera you use?

  6. Dan says:

    actually im a bit disappointed with the kit, bandai did skip on some different part detail like on side waist, hyper bazooka lens, saber hold on backpack, and the most cringe for me is all other side of fin funnels is jut a block, the former RG will have separated color parts for it. heck, RG concept is what it will look on real, but bandai skip some details.

    • Nibras says:

      I completely disagree. Just because they missed tiny, tiny details, like a tiny lens on a bazooka, that shouldn’t take from the kit as a whole. When compared to everything else you get, the pros knock the cons right out of the park. No debate here.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I think once you apply the small2 sticker & marking, this kit will looks soo good. I heard it is also the most sturdier RG of all time. Even the great Sazabi has some flaws. I just ordered this kit. Can’t wait to have mine assembled.

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