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I know I’ve been quite here lately since. It’s been 10 days since I published the RG Nu Gundam review and I will openly admit that I haven’t touched a Gundam since then.

I’ve been busy.

You see, I started a new job at the beginning of September which requires a slightly longer commute. And I’ve just finished going through a string of eventful days including someone’s turning 4 and everything her first big birthday party entails. And I and the other three people in my domicile have all caught some kind of stomach virus that is going around. Yes, it’s understandable why I haven’t built anything.

But I’m writing here that this trend isn’t likely to continue for much longer.

Come October 1st my partner will be taking our two children back to Japan to visit family for a pretty lengthy stay and I will be living the bachelor life for, to be honest, longer than I would like. I will miss them. But that means I’ll have free evenings almost every day and with that free time I should be able to get back to doing Gunpla regularly and writing about it here.

I’ve already got a mental list of what I’d like to do.

This includes the PG 00 Seven Sword/G, a large kit that I didn’t have the time nor space to tackle yet. I’ve got an HiRM Gundam Astray Noir that I would love to put together. There are quite a few people still waiting on the review for the MG Dynames. I’d like to get to some of my older RG kits and finish them up so I can update the RG Complete Project. These things should keep me busy for most of September.

In October there are big releases. And by big I mean HG Penelope big. And, if I’m lucky enough to get one of what may be a hard to get kit, the HiRM God Gundam that looks pretty exciting. October also sees Modern Warfare release so please forgive me if I slow down around that time. Heh.

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  1. lupes says:

    while it’s a bummer that you have to spend some time away from your family, i hope you enjoy getting to jump in to the hobby full tilt for a hot minute.

    waddaya say to a hirm wing zero custom build off? i’ll even dust off the old blog for it! 😉 i could use a little more motivation to you guessed it, wire up the LEDs.

    got something else i’ve been working on for the last few years that you might enjoy as well:

    hope all is well with you aside from the bummer of missing your family! i’m happy that you’ve kept blogging through the years as I and the others have fallen off of it.

    • S2 says:

      Ooooh. A build off. While the competitive side of me is saying ‘hell, yeah’ the rational part of me reminds myself that I don’t have the facilities or equipment to do much outside of OOB stuff. I’d definitemy be interested in seeing yours though. We could angle it as a before (mine) and after (yours).

      • lupes says:

        that sounds great! I wager you’re just as aware of it’s status as a “looks nice, but falls apart constantly” kinda kit so I’m interested in what each of our impressions of the kit will be at the end. Once I get the resin Phenex narrative tails for my PG Perfectibility build, I’ll be all ready to jump head first in to working on the WZC!

  2. Marco says:

    Will you try to build a qubeley?

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