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Bandai has been very consistent when it comes to their big Gunpla releases during the year. August sees a big release, this year’s being the RG Nu Gundam, and another comes in December. Last December it was the PG 00 Seven Sword/G which I just started building yesterday, by the way.

So far Bandai had announced an RG release for December which is normal for them. It is the RG Nu Gundam, again, but with a Fin Funnel Effect set.

So I was looking forward to the All Japan Model and Hobby Show which happens in Japan in September. It’s at that show that Bandai tends to announce the big December release.

This year the big announcement was…

There is no big December release.


You read that correctly. There is no big December release by Bandai this year. This confuses me. Bandai tends to time their big releases around the holidays in Japan so those who pick up the August release can build it during the Obon holidays and those with the funds who get in on the biggest release of the year, in December, can build it during end of year holidays. This December those builders will be spending their holidays, um, playing with Fin Funnels? Spending time with family? Ugh.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some big releases coming. There are two of them actually.

An MG FAZZ Ver Ka kit and a PG Perfect Strike Gundam. Those are two huge kits with two huge price tags.

These were announced as February 2020 releases. Both of them!

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of wallets suddenly cried out in terror.

I’m trying to understand what Bandai is doing here but I’m not getting there. First of all, why February? What is the significance of February? Are they giving people two extra months to save their pennies now that the tax rate in Japan has increased by an additional 2% from October?

Secondly, why two huge kits? Surely just one of these being announced would be big news. Now they’re competing against each other for those with limited funds. And both of these kits are variants on previously released kits. The ZZ Ver Ka came out in September 2017 so it’s not that old and no one is surprised to see the FAZZ on the way. So far Bandai has only released this image.

The PG Strike Gundam, however, is from 2004 so plenty of people have had opportunity to get one. How many of those people are prepared to pay the big price tag to get the extra weapons?

I built the PG Aile Strike but the clear armour version back in 2011 and I no longer have it in my possession so I’ve been debating for some time getting a PG Strike. I’ll be tempted by this new release but how many others are going to be on board?

It seems that Bandai may find that sales of these two kits might not meet their expectations.

Then again maybe it will work out as Bandai hopes and February will become the new December. Only bigger.

Time will tell.

Wake me in February.

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  1. Frankon says:

    Im actually pumped for those releases. MG FAZZ will be a FIRST new Sentinel MG kit in years that is not P-Bandai.

    PG Perfect Strike… I believe it was said that there would be some retooling of the orginal PG Strike. How much will change we shell see.

  2. Iki says:

    I’d guess they were planning on a different kit.
    Something that didn’t work out, or took too long in development.

    A 40th anniversary perfect grade, or something like that.

    But seeing as they released the Pg 00 and now the Pg strike again, I wouldn’t hope for much.

  3. Martin says:

    It looks like the PG Strike has completely, or mostly new armor. And it also states the inner frame is gun metal now.

  4. Ben says:

    Hey there,

    First it would seem this PG has brand new external armor details.

    And the MG Barbatos will be the December kit and sure to sell heaps with its new engineering.

    As for the rg fin funnel, what is strange is that you can already buy this individually today.

  5. Kugito says:

    Wait, I’m confused. What about the HG RX-78-2 G40 ver.? I thought THAT was the big December release (kinda bummed, tbh).

  6. Tequila says:

    Likewise I’m very disappointed. The big december release now seems to be the G40 HG rx78-2 industrial redesign? I’m sorry, that really does not deserve to be the flagship anniversary release. Also the MG Barbatos was delayed until december… coincidence?

    The Perfect Strike weapons pack will be available seperately (on Pbandai) and since I already own the old PG Strike, I’m happy with that option.

  7. Kugito says:

    Isn’t HG RX-78-2 G40 ver. the BIG December release this year?

  8. Leah says:

    Well, MG Barbatos is due out in November or December. It’s quite a hotly anticipated release. Maybe that’s the big kit for this holiday season.

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