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So you like big kits? I’ve got one for you. Actually, I have a few but I’m only talking about one right now. That one is the new HG Penelope. Yesterday this very large box arrived inside an even larger box and took up a good amount of space which is fine because it’s only me here using the space presently and I don’t mind walking around an inconveniently large box if I know that inside is an HG Penelope.

The box reminds me of the HG Kshatriya kits. Both look like HG boxes on steroids. There are lots of images on the side of the box but one caught my attention.


What?! What’s coming soon? I know what’s coming soon. An HG Penelope build. Look inside this box!

There are some large pieces in here.

But the kit isn’t just large pieces. In fact, most of it seems to made up of many normal sized (or slightly larger than normal) parts.

There are plenty of white parts here.

And plenty of frame parts too.

And there’s a stand for the Penelope, thank goodness!

Obligatory manual shots.


I’ve got one big kit underway but once I’m done…

… I have another kit I’d like to introduce you to.

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  1. Xepher says:

    Will you compare the height of Penelope with some other HG and MG at the review?

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