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Last post showed the first half of the torso assembly for the PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G. I’m going to show the completion of the torso build in this one.

Last image from the previous post was this one.

I’ve laid in the two shoulder joint assemblies and now I’m going to closer them up to lock them in there.

Onto this I’ll add three small pieces.

These are spaced evenly around the inside of the hollow of the torso.

Couple frame parts go around the neck area.

And a couple more at the bottom.

Then add a frame part around the shoulder area.

On the back you’ll do the same for the shoulders.

Now some PC parts inside some frame parts that will attach to the bottom of the torso.

That will make the peg that plugs into the waist. With that done you can attach the cockpit.

Four small latches are clipped on at the back.

Then a large circular part.

Once it’s on the latches close around it.

Large frame parts go on to make up the upper torso and neck.

Now this thing.

And then more things.

These combine to make this contraption that attaches to the shoulder joint and also to the upper torso.

Once on plug on a larger blue frame part.

Next up, these two frame parts.

These join around the front of the torso and then there are two parts that will go on the side of the torso to hold that hologram strip in place.

Speaking of holograms strips let’s insert one into the part that goes on the side at the bottom of the torso.

Now it’s the final stages where the coloured armour parts go on.

And check out this small part that fits around the top of the neck connection.

For the vents at the front of the OO you put a yellow piece into a frame part and then cover it with blue.

The yellow parts will pivot which I suppose is good but it also means I’ll be spending too much time trying to make them symmetrical.

Here is the cockpit opening.

If you look carefully you can see the top of the pilot’s head.

It’s at this point I noticed that the blue parts at the top at the base of the shoulders was not flush and to get it so I pushed it down further until I heard a click.

That completes the torso which means I can plug it into the waist.

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  1. lupes says:

    Looking good! The proportion changes they made to this kit make it look so much better than the original release.

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