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PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G is not only a long name for a robot but it’s also a kit I’ve had sitting unbuilt for a long time. I guess 10 months can be considered long. Then again, considering how long some kits sit in some builders’ backlogs 10 months is quite short.

I did pop open the box back in January but it was only to get out the clear Action Base. Now, where did I put that?

It’s October and, as indicated, I now have time and opportunity to build kits. More time and opportunity than I’ve had in a long time. Thus I started October with the biggest kit in the backlog.

There are lots of runners and parts in this box but I’ll try and take out only what’s necessary as I go. I don’t know if these will be necessary, however, I do think they’re cool.

I definitely need these two runners.

These runners contain the PC parts that will be used throughout the kit with one being used in the very first step.

The PC part slides up into the cylinder with the smaller parts fitting onto both sides. If you’ve built any recent PG kit before you’ve likely seen this design. This is then housed in more frame parts.

With two other pieces I prepare some more frame.

At this point I take the main frame parts for the feet and join the smaller assemblies to it.

More frame parts go on to form the front of the foot.

Now I can add an armour piece along with a frame part that goes on with that.

Red parts now join the build to armour up the rest of the foot.

Those are the toes and a red piece will go on to start the heel.

Finish up the heel and add a part to the bottom.

The red finishes with two small parts going on the sides.

Now I need these.

These go on the bottom of the feet as per the manual image.

With these big kits the extra friction will help it stand up.

The feet are done but we need an ankle joint.

The PC parts slip inside.

With those together you add two more frame parts.

And then close it up.

I can now plug that ankle joint into the foot.

The size of these completed feet definitely reminds me I’m building a Perfect Grade.

Having more time than usual to myself I opted to keep going. Let’s start on the legs.

Manual says I need these things.

Things are going to get complicated at some point.

I also need this.

Actually, it’s what inside this that I need.

Take a small holographic part from there and connect it to a couple smaller parts.

We’re working on both legs at the same time at this stage so I need two of these.

And two of these.

Both of those then join to more frame parts.

And two of these join the lot.

Once assembled you can see how it works.

Lastly, I’ll need two of these.

Once you’ve got two of all those you’re ready to start on the right leg.

The leg is going to feature a lot of steps so I’ll make that its own post.

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