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Building a Perfect Grade takes time. There are a lot of parts and a lot of steps. Last time I finished the right leg of the PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G before having to call it a day. Starting up this next session I made good time on the left leg giving me the pair.

But the legs aren’t done yet. There is a final step. The GN Condensers.

This requires some of the springs and screws I found inside the big PG box.

Here are the knee springs (which is what that Japanese text says).

And the screws and nuts are found in the green bag.

This looks like it could get complicated.

So I’m meant to put a screw into one of the plastic parts.

Once it’s in cover it with a white part.

The nut sits inside a second plastic part.

That too gets covered up.

That then drops into a large circular part.

Place the spring on the part with the screw.

Screw the top part down onto the bottom part making sure to line up the grooves on the side.

This now plugs into the hollow in the OO’s knees.

Once in you close the hatch securing it in place.

This gimmick is used to lock the legs into certain positions.

However, mine couldn’t work that way. I pulled the Condensers out a couple of times and reinserted them. At one point I heard a click and they sat in further than before. It was at this point they worked as designed.

Now I’ve got two large and complete legs.

I’ll need a waist for these. That starts with some frame parts and a part from the PC runner.

Attach what look to be the leg pegs.

Prepare the PC parts in the largest frame piece.

Then drop in the first section and close it up.

Check out how the PC part sits atop the frame structure.

Now I’ll add these.

One on each side.

Along with a frame part for the rear.

These side pieces will lock the leg pegs in place.

Then many more frame parts to make this waist take shape.

Some moving frame parts plug in at the top.

This slides.

The rear skirt build starts with its own frame parts.

The white part hides the peg onto which the Sabre blade will attach.

You can already see a gimmick in the rear skirt.

You’ll plug this onto the rear of the waist.

The front skirts, being small are quite and are made up of one frame part and one armour part each.

The center section frame is two parts on its own.

Plug the front skirts in.

Add the final two coloured parts to finish it off.

Now plug that in the same as you did for the rear skirt.

The sabre handles need three parts each.

Set them up.

To make the side skirts you’ll need one PC part for each of the first frame and armour parts.

You’ll then take smaller frame and armour pieces for the next step.

This small section then slots in the large side skirts.

Now I have something keeping my legs together. err..

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  1. lupes says:

    What do you think of the locking joints on this kit? It’s one of the things I hear routinely knocked about it and the 00 Raiser. My chief complaint about PG kits is that they’re usually too big for their own good when it comes to armaments though so I hope it’s got some redeeming qualities to it.

    • Iki says:

      The locks on the arms doesn’t help it hold it’s weapons, since they only lock the bending, not rotation of the arm.

      All in all the mechanism just makes it feel more hollow, and more difficult to pose.

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