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My PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G has a completed lower body. Quite often the lower body is the one with the most parts and takes up more of the build time but something tells me the upper body of my 7/G may match that.

First stage is to assemble the pilot’s cockpit.

That starts with this large frame piece.

To that add some blue and even more frame.

Next comes the pilot’s seat compartment.

You can see the top of his head peaking out there.

Continuing on you slide these two parts together.

Slide them closed and you have another part to add.

More and more frame parts keep getting added.

That slidy part attaches to the large white finned piece that sits atop the cockpit hatch.

Now you’re tasked with putting a rectangular PC part into a circular frame piece.

Once in you can put that tube onto the cockpit.

The next step is to work on the frame parts that will be used for the shoulders. You’ll be using frame parts that are designed to swivel and pivot.

Then you’ll be putting a PC part onto the end of a single, curved frame part.

Along with that a holograms strip and another frame part will be joining your shoulder joint.

The hologram strip won’t be secured until plug on the curved part to secure it.

You’ll repeat this process with the parts for the opposite side.

Put those aside for a moment and assemble the neck joint. It’s design is that of placing a PC part between two frame parts.

And then putting a PC part on the bottom.

Similarly, you’ll assemble the area that will attach the torso to the lower body.

To join all the joints (neck, waist, shoulders) together you’ll use a ring.

Lay in the neck at the top and the waist at the bottom.

You have to lay in the shoulder joints in a particular order.

They are meant to overlap.

This gets us halfway through the torso construction so I’m going to end this post here and pick it up in the next one.

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