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In my previous build session for the latest Perfect Grade, the PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G, I completed those large feet and some mechanisms for the legs. Now I’ll be working on the right leg, a process which should take some time.

To start the build of the right leg I’ll take one of those little assemblies I’ve already prepared and add it, and a PC piece, to the large, distinctive leg frame part.

Onto that I’ll add the other two mechanisms I built last session and lock them all in with another large frame part.

Put that aside for a moment and prepare a different frame section including its holo part.

That little holo part will sit into place while you join that frame to the large frame section you just assembled.

Everything needs to sit in a specific spot while you do this.

The large PC part that is used to connect the leg to its hip joint now goes into the other frame part making up the upper leg.

You’ll need to ensure all things are lined up in order to get this upper frame joined completely.

You move on to the frame for the lower leg by grabbing a very large piece and adding a PC ring as well as holo strips for both front and rear.

This can now join to the frame you’ve done already.

Add the other large lower leg frame to close it up.

There is a small frame section with its own holo piece that will go on the bottom of the leg.

Now I need one large frame part from this completely different frame runner which is found not in the A box with the rest of the OO runners but in the B box with the weapons.

Once that is on you then add more smaller frame parts that go on the sides and rear just under the knee.

It’s at this point that you grab the large PC part and construct the hip joint.

Plug that in at the top of the leg.

A few more frame parts are then added.

Now I’ll need some clear green parts. Those are found on the A runner.

I need some of the smaller ones.

These go on the sides of the upper leg.

Now I need stickers!

First the round one for the side of the knee.

Then I need the thin curved stickers found next to the circular one. These go on before you can add the large clear green piece.
img src=”” alt=”” />

With that on I add some hinges to the side of the lower leg.

Two hinges on each side.

Once those are in place latches, for lack of a better term, are added.

With those on you can put it in place over the green circle.

The same process is repeated on the other side, though that side lacks a clear green piece.

Now add some white armour around the knee.

Then to the upper leg as well as adding a blue piece as a kneecap.

Once the blue part is on you can add small circular frame parts to the sides.

Just don’t mix up right and left.

The armour for the lower leg can go on at this stage. You’ll need to bend the knee to get parts on.

A very small white armour piece then goes no each side at the ankle.

And with those on you can connect this constructed leg to one of the feet you’ve built.

That whole process gives you one right leg.

Give me a moment, or several, while I do the same for the left.

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