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In the previous build session for the
PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G I assembled the head but also the Condensers, those joint locking mechanisms, for places on the arms. Now I’m going to use those Condensers in the arm assembly.

First step is to assemble basic arm frames for both arms. That starts with the wrist.

The wrist is then included in the frame for the lower arm.

That’s a pretty big frame and that’s just the lower arm. Onto that you’ll add frame parts for the elbow.

It’s interesting building a frame with big holes in it.

Without any locking mechanisms the joints currently move freely.

A hologram strip is added to front and back of the wrist area.

For the upper arms which will connect to the shoulder pegs you’ll start with this circle.

It gets a hologram strip as well. This one is long enough to go all the way around.

You’ll add a PC part to one end.

Then assemble the upper arm frame with its two small hologram strips.

Slide it into its frame.

You’ll now have parts for both arms.

So the next step is to work on the right arm and that involves a Condenser. You add a little cap to the top of it.

The Condenser slides into the hole that is the wrist.

You’ll need to make sure everything lines up so it drops in all the way

Once the Condenser is in more frame parts are added.

Flip it over and do the same on the other side.

Now to add stickers to the outside.

You’ll have to pay attention when placing them.

With your stickers on you cover them up with a green piece.

Some larger frame parts then go on around the lower arm.

You’ll need to position the hologram strips correctly in order to get those frame parts on properly and close them up.

Then add a small hologram strip into the frame.

A single blue part makes up the cuff.

Add some minor frame parts go on along with the first of the white parts.

A small white part fits onto the larger white part to make up the armour for the back of the lower arm.

Add that along with the armour for the front of the arm.

Now prepare the Condenser for the elbow.

Like you did for the wrist line up the Condenser and insert it into the hollow.

You’ll add a sticker and green part here too.

And take that shoulder ring and add some more frame parts.

And even more.

A Condenser is inserted here too.

You’ll slide on the upper arm and follow that up with the shoulder joint.

More to come.

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