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My PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G is looking more and more like it’s namesake. For those who know what OO Gundam’s legs and torso look like, anyways. Having a head will definitely make it umistakeable. I think.

First up, a sticker, but not they eye one.

After putting the reflective sticker on you insert the frame with the reflective sticker into one side of the head frame.

And then piece together the frame parts which will make up the neck.

And once that’s on you can close up the head frame.

Then add hologram strips and the yellow mantle.

Then to prepare the face. Note that it says, ‘Do not apply stickers if using the LED unit.’

I’m not sure if I’ll be using the LED immediately but I do want to leave myself that option so I’ll leave the sticker off.

Add the stickered or unstickered face and also the crown of the head as well.

Prepare the side armour parts with their clear green centers.

The little ‘ears’ on the head are made up of two parts each.

Place them on while you’re adding the red forehead and white V fin.

There he is.

I’ll save assembly of the LED unit for when I’ve picked up some batteries but here’s the relevant instructions.

Whether inserting the LED or not the final step to finish the head is to assemble the armour for the back.

The completed head can then go on.

Next up are the arms and you have to assemble some GN Condensers for the shoulders and wrists.

As well as those for the elbows.

These look to be the same locking mechanisms as found in the knees.

I’ll need a couple frame parts as well as the springs for the shoulders and wrists.

And a hex nut in each of two frame parts.

Here is where things get interesting. I need to locate the O runner which should still have one part remaining on it.

This part will be used to hold parts in place while you screw other parts onto it.

Like this, I guess.

Do that for all four of the Condensers for the wrist and shoulders.

The condensers for the elbows require larger parts and springs.

And screws of differing sizes.

Like before, insert the hex nut.

Use the O part to hold the bottom, add a spring, and screw parts together.

And there we go. All condensers for the arms are ready to go.

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